Karl Marx

200th birth anniv of Karl Marx

MNA Feature Desk: Workers of the whole world commemorate today the 199th birthday of Karl Marx, great teacher and communist leader.

Use this celebration as an opportunity to study Marxism and use this to examine the world’s present conditions and crises. Reproduce books, articles and other readings by Marx, likewise those of other great communist teachers who developed Marxism.

This celebration is of great relevance to the working class. This is an opportunity to raise the torch of Marxism in order to bring to light and extricate the roots one of the world capitalist system’s worst and longest crisis and the continuing decay of semicolonial and semifeudal countries.

Marx is the most important teacher of the working class. He created the Marxist theory that shook the foundations of the capitalist world and initiated a new epoch in revolutionary history.

He gave birth to materialist dialectics and used this to study history and follow the development of social systems and the history of class struggle. He studied the foundation of the capitalist system and provided a scientific basis to the proletariat’s aspiration for freedom from capitalist exploitation.

The Communist Manifesto which he co-wrote with Frederick Engels in 1848 became the guide of communist movements all over the world. The Manifesto outlined the world– historic role of the proletariat as creators of the new communist society.


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