5 Unhealthy parenting styles to ditch in 2018

MNA Lifestyle Desk: We share the 5 parenting styles experts warn will be detrimental to your child’s overall development. With the new year approaching, it’s time to take stock of the way you raise your kids and take strides to correct any parenting no-nos you might be guilty of.

The key to raising happy, emotionally healthy and well-mannered children begins with correct parenting. After all, you as a parent are whom your kids will first learn from and look up to – so it’s important you key them in good behavior and send the right kind of message about how to lead their lives.

Of course, you always want the best for your child; to create a healthy, happy environment and form a strong relationship bond for them to express their feelings appropriately. And with so many parenting styles to learn from, it’s also important to know which to avoid being guilty of.

parentingHelicopter Parenting

It is used to describe parents who ‘hover’ around their children at all times. They will protect their child under any circumstances and ward off any potential problems.

Although it might seem like a good way to raise your child, have you wondered what will happen if you continue this parenting style in future? It can be developmentally problematic since they never handle their own problems; you’ll always be there to aid them. This can result in your child becoming very dependent on others and helpless at their own problems even as an adult.

Lawnmower Parenting

This style is pretty similar to the helicopter parenting in a sense that you ‘plough’ the path in which your child is walking, removing all obstacles along the way.

Yes you think it will make your child’s life easier but in the long run? They will always rely on someone to deal with their problems. Children brought up with this parenting style are also found to have lower resilience and creativity and it’s harder for them to control their emotions and behavior because if anything comes their way, you mow it all out.

Permissive Parenting

Parents who practice this style of parenting often lavish too much affection and don’t implement a strict set of rules in the house.

Without any discipline around the house, children often grow up spoilt and bratty — in turn lacking of self-control and will not do well in school and work environments.

Authoritarian Parenting

As a parent, you need to shower your child with love but at the same time maintain some kind of discipline. But this parenting style focuses on high limitations and little signs of love.

Though they tend to be more responsive to your instructions and compliant in well-structure environments, you won’t want them to feel controlled and afraid to express their thoughts and feelings would you? Because that’s exactly how they are feeling. This parenting style will not only trap their identity but cause them to behave rebelliously and push you out in time to come.

Neglectful Parenting

This style simply means what is says – that your kids just aren’t a priority, perhaps with your work taking precedence for instance. Although it’s not exactly your fault, it’s pretty depressing to know that your child has to practically raise themselves.

This will lead to many physiological issues such as socializing, disruptive behavior and anxiety. They are also at greater risks of being involved in gangs, violence, drug use and alcohol. Always balance your time between work and family and make use of the weekends to make up to your child. Even taking them out for a movie or a stroll in the park will make a whole lot of difference.


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