annular solar eclipse

Annular solar eclipse on February 26

MNA Science & Technology Desk: An annular solar eclipse of sun will occur on February 26, said an ISPR press release today. It will start at 18 hours 10 minutes 54 seconds (BST) and will end at 23 hours 36 minutes 00 seconds.

The central eclipse will start at 19 hours 16 minutes 48 seconds and will end at 22 hours 30 minutes 54 seconds. The greatest eclipse will occur at 20 hours 53 minutes 24 seconds, the release said.

So what’s an annular solar eclipse?

When the Moon covers the Sun’s center, leaving the Sun’s visible outer edges to form a “ring of fire”, or annulus around the Moon, an annular solar eclipse happens.

An annular solar eclipse occurs only:

  • Around a new Moon when the Earth and Sun are aligned on opposite sides of the Moon.
  • The Moon and Sun must be near a lunar node forming an almost perfect line between the Sun, the Moon, and Earth.

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