BD 2nd most gender equal country of Asia

MNA National Desk: Bangladesh is the second most gender equal country in Asia, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index.
The 2018 report published on its website says the country has climbed several places since last year’s report, reaching 47th place in the global ranking.
“Bangladesh has closed almost 72 percent of its overall gender gap, with advances in every aspect of the Economic Opportunity and Participation indicator,” it says.
equalImprovements have been made in creating equal opportunities for legislator, senior official and manager roles, as well as professional and technical roles.
Greater parity exists in the country’s Estimated Earned Income and Wage Equality for Similar Work indices, despite seeing the healthy life expectancy gender gap widen slightly, according to the report.
Philippines tops the list of Asia’ 10 most gender equal countries followed by Bangladesh, Mongolia, Lao PDR, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Cambodia.
Since 2006, the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index has raised awareness of gender disparities that exist around the world.
The latest report highlights the areas of outstanding performance in Asia’s top 10 gender-equal states by analyzing their economic, education, health and political opportunities.
It also looks at areas where these countries face challenges in closing specific areas of the gender gap.
Despite a shrinking gender gap in many parts of the world, a lot of work still needs to be done to fully eradicate inequalities between the sexes.
Asian economies that recognize the contribution gender equality makes to their economic success could lead the way in shrinking the gap further, according to the report.

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