Beauty tips for monsoon bride

MNA Lifestyle Desk: Getting married during the rains seems like a dreamy affair and this article will provide some beauty tips for the monsoon bride. The air is cooler and the atmosphere is just so romantic. Like there are cons to every pro, so goes the same with your makeup.

After bearing that extreme heat of the sun, those sunburns, tans, sweaty (and stinky) summer days. Monsoon comes as a sign of relief. Monsoon weddings may be a hit as they score high on the romantic factor, but they spell skin and hair problems for the brides.

Here are some beauty tips which every bride should follow before a monsoon wedding.

Keep the oil at bay: Oil secretion is accelerated during the monsoons, so make sure you wash your face with a mild face wash around three-four times a day. You could also use a gentle scrub with mild beads once a day. It is important to recognize what suits your skin and what doesn’t well ahead of your wedding day. After all, your skin is your crowning glory and you don’t want anything to mar your bridal beauty.

Use easy cosmetics: While you are the bride and understandably want all eyes on you, applying heavy makeup is a big no-no. Using non-greasy makeup will lend a clean matte finish to your skin. Additionally, opt for water-proof brands as the increased moisture in the air means you stand the risk of looking like a painting gone wrong.

Avoid using cream-based makeup: While cream-based blushes do a pretty decent job at lasting for longer on the face, cream-based eye shadows do the exact opposite! They not only smudge, but also melt off the face. A safer option would be to use powdered eye shadows. You won’t need to worry about them fading in the wet weather.

Not moisturizing enough: If you want your skin to look healthy at the wedding, you’ve got to moisturize! If you don’t does this already, wash your face and use a water-based moisturizer twice a day. This habit should make your skin baby soft and smooth.

Consider hair treatments: Try to keep away from styling products and hair treatments during the rains because it damages hair texture. This can cause dandruff and make your hair frizzy and dry. Stick to using a mild shampoo and a great hair conditioner as it helps to restore volume.

Take care of your feet: Good foot care starts with some tender love, soak your feet in warm water and use a pumice stone to gently scrub away loose skin. Treat your feet while you sleep – slather on a thick moisturizer and slip into a pair of socks, which will help seal in moisture overnight. Go for regular pedicure sessions, after all you do need good feet to rock those stunning shoes.


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