Sexual harassment in educational institution

protest against sexual harassment

MNA Editorial Desk: Sexual harassment in educational institution is still rife. The High Court of Bangladesh issued landmark directives on the prevention of sexual harassment seven years ago. Sexual harassment that takes place at workplaces, educational institutions and public places. The 2009 directives defined sexual harassment and directed employers and authorities of institutions to provide mechanisms to prevent and prosecute offenses of sexual abuse and harassment. But according to UN Women Bangladesh’s 2013 situational analysis in eight universities, 76 per cent of female students had faced incidents of sexual harassment. Mahtabul Hakim, UN Women’s Coordinator of Ending Violence against Women ...

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Fire safety in Bangladesh and raising concerns

Fire safety has become a major issue in Bangladesh in the recent few years and is raising critical concerns. It is also a buzzing word in Bangladeshi garment factories. Poor electrical installations and bad maintenance often create significant fire hazards as we have seen from our experience. A fire broke out at a slum in the city’s Farmgate area and another ravaged a jute mill in the southern district of Khulna on Wednesday morning. This year on April 13, 18 and 27, a massive fire erupted near the DhanSagar Station, which the forest department says were actually acts of arson. ...

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Bangladesh receiving little attention for assailants


Bangladesh is receiving little attention in comparison to other countries in South Asia such as Pakistan or Afghanistan for the recent activities of assailants or militant groups. As the fourth largest Muslim state in the world, Bangladesh’s standing has been encouraging. Bangladesh’s counter-terrorism response is currently at a critical juncture and its preparedness to counter emerging threats remains under scrutiny. Operational responses alone are proving inadequate. The government must scale up capacity in the cyber and digital domain, particularly on social media networks, and build up technical capabilities and expertise for monitoring and countering violent extremism online. Bangladesh still lacks ...

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G20 advise growth opportunities beyond ultra-easy policy to spark global economy

On Saturday, the top economies of the world anticipated on a declaration to recommend the world to look for options for growth opportunities other than ultra-low interest rates as well as printing money to get over from the vulnerability of global economy. Alongside, they promised future structural reforms as they believe that would intrigue activity. The G20 (Group of 20) finance ministers and central bankers have gathered in Shanghai for a two-day meeting. A draft of the statement, which is to be issued at the end of the meeting, projected huge concerns and policy frictions that was driven due to ...

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