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Get ready to face summer sun rays


MNA Life Style Desk: Summer has already knocked our doors and it means business as you step out of the house and you can literally feel the sun heat burning your skin. Besides dehydrating the body, the extreme temperature can cause havoc on the skin and can cause tanning, pigmentation, early ageing and so on. As you prepare to show more skin, get ready to face the sun’s rays with some summer skin tips. Drink enough water every day Higher temperatures and more time outdoors leads to internal dehydration, which can result in headaches and dizzy spells. Eight 8-ounce glasses ...

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About 300 million people suffer from depression: WHO


MNA Life Style Desk: More than 300 million people are living with depression, according to the latest estimates from the World Health Organisation (WHO). The UN agency released the estimates on Thursday ahead of World Health Day. “These new figures are a wake-up call for all countries to re-think their approaches to mental health and to treat it with the urgency that it deserves,” Xinhua news agency quoted a WHO news release as saying. With the number of people with depression increasing more than 18 per cent from 2005 to 2015, WHO is carrying out a year-long campaign, Depression: Let’s ...

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Motivational quotes to conquer obstacles in life


MNA Life Style: Here are some inspirational and motivational quotes to conquer obstacles in life. Whenever you or your loved ones feel lost in life, take a look at them and they can be the beacon lights to guide your way to get through the darkness. True, we love life, not because we are used to living, but because we are used to loving. There is always some madness in love, but there is also always some reason in madness. —Petrach Life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savoring the journey.—Roy T. ...

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Fairness tips to make your baby’s skin glowing

skin glowing

MNA Life & Style Desk: Your newborn is home now, and you’re settling into a daily routine for skin glowing. Keeping your baby warm and nourished is tops on your list. Baby skin care is just as important. Here are some natural and practical baby fairness tips that can make your little one’s skin fair, supple, and glowing: Fruit Juice A good home remedy to enhance your baby’s complexion is feeding him grape juice. Natural fruit extracts help cleanse the epidermis and make your baby’s skin soft and fair. Some other nutritious fruits that boost your baby’s skin tone are ...

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Simple ways to enjoy your life better


MNA Life Style Desk: Some people may think that they can only enjoy life when they already have a lot of money or have a successful career. But that’s not true. You can enjoy your life where you are with what you already have. You can enjoy your life now. Just take a break A decent break doesn’t mean zoning out to the TV or going down the internet rabbit hole. Taking a break that is different from the ordinary and lets you hang loose can do wonders for your sense of fun, escape, and fulfillment. Start the day with ...

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Yoga poses to get immediate relaxation


MNA Life Style Desk: Yoga is an ancient discipline that includes meditation, controlled breathing techniques and exercise for preserving overall health and healing various ailments. Yoga and meditation are part of a holistic approach to self-healing that brings about harmony between body, mind and soul and helps in relieving numerous aliments. Downward Facing Dog Pose The down dog or the downward facing dog pose is an amazing stress-relieving yoga pose that helps in waking up the senses and reduces fatigue and tiredness. It helps in improving bone density and preventing bone diseases such as osteoporosis in women. It rejuvenates the ...

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Some unnecessary wastes of money


MNA Life Style Desk: Some money saving tips are obvious, like flying coach, cutting back on eating out, or ditching expensive bad habits like smoking. In fact, you may be wasting money in extremely common but often overlooked ways. Buying a snack at the gas station All those bottles of soda and chip bags you pick up when you’re filling up the tank or making a stop at the drug store add up. Make a rule that you have to track those entire little snack purchases and you only get a small allowance of them per month. Get in the ...

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Make afternoons as fruitful as mornings


MNA Life Style Desk: Analysis shows afternoons are the most unproductive part of the day. And, there are plenty of culprits for the same our eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, and more. We all know that every working professional is looking for ways to become more productive and get more done within the designated eight working hours. Use afternoons to meetings Meetings are a necessary evil, which no team can do without. But, it is a well-known fact that not all meetings are productive. Scheduling meetings in the second half of the day can be a great way to boost the ...

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Keep your family’s teeth and gums healthy


MNA Life Style Desk: You have so many good reasons to keep your family’s teeth and gums healthy. New research suggests that gum disease can lead to other problems in the body, including increased risk of heart disease. Start children early Despite great strides in decay prevention, one in four young children develops signs of tooth decay before they start school. Half of all children between the ages of 12 and 15 have cavities. Dental care should begin as soon as a child’s first tooth appears, usually around six months. Seal off trouble Permanent molars come in around age 6. ...

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Quotes should adopt in everyday life


MNA Life Style Desk: Most of us live by a motto whether it’s one we have adopted or one we have developed over time in everyday life. However, with all the great quotes out there (especially on Pinterest), it’s difficult to embrace just one as your day-to-day mantra. “You have not lived today until you’ve done something for someone who can never repay you.”—John Bunyan. “Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So, love the people who treat you right and forget about the ones who don’t. And believe that everything happens for a reason. ...

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Make your house like a home


MNA Life Style Desk: Making your house feel like a home is not something that simply happens on its own. You need to make some changes to a house when you move in, to give it that cozy, warm feeling that turns it into a true home. Make the windows your own One of the best ways you can instantly warm your home and make it showcase your style is to add some new window dressing. Adding beautiful curtains not only improves your home’s appearance, but it can also help to control the temperature. Make some art If you have ...

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Stylish casual outfits for spring 2017


MNA Life Style Desk: Getting dress can be difficult even if you just want a simple, casual look in this spring. To give you some ideas on what to wear this spring, we’ve collected some casual outfits that will keep you comfortable and stylish. Being accidentally stylish is not as hard as you might think it is. While the street style regulars get tons of free gear so they can look cool in pictures, regular guys have to buy carefully in order to build a perfect wardrobe. Make everything fits The most dramatic improvement you can make in your style ...

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Find more time in a day


MNA Life style Desk: Make sure you’re using your time wisely. Follow these time management techniques to find extra hours you didn’t even know you had. Time management seems to be an issue in almost everyone’s lives as there never seems to be enough time in the day to complete all of the day to day tasks. Be efficient in all that you do You should always be asking yourself “What’s the best way to do this?” Focus on doing everything in the order that makes the most sense. The opposite of this is multi-tasking, which you should avoid. When ...

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Ideas for matching styles with your partner


MNA Life Style Desk: Go ahead and show the world that you’re proud to be a couple by trying all of these fashionably fun matching outfit ideas. We’ve included some of them to get you a week’s worth of envious looks from public bystanders. Do the relaxed vacation look with fun shoes like celebrities Each of you should grab plain cotton button-down, long-sleeve shirts in your respective perfect blue hues. Those with very dark hair or very tanned and dark skin tones should go with lighter, brighter shades of blue. Those with blonde hair or fair skin look best in ...

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Starve the ego and feed the soul


MNA Life Style Desk: Ultimately, it comes down to whether we choose to live our lives according to the demands and delusions of the ego or make the conscious intention to align ourselves with the infinite soul. Choosing to always be conscious and to live according to the soul provides you with infinite possibilities and the peace, passion and purpose that you deserve as a human being. Ego and Soul We are very familiar with both our ego and our soul. We come in contact with them daily. Our ego is that voice within us that demands everything and pulls ...

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Inexpensive ways to keep kids entertained at home


MNA Life Style Desk: Entertaining your kids can be a tricky business at the best of times, and it’s even more difficult during holidays. We’ve put our thinking caps on and come up with great ways to keep your kids busy, whatever the weather and their age. Camping The kids are ready for an adventure! Time to travel to Neverland. After a while, nobody wants to be cooped up inside and never growing up sounds like the perfect solution to everyone in my home. What better way to create the feeling of distance and adventure than camping? Grab your tent, ...

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Differences between the girls you date and marry


MNA Life Style Desk: If you go through date and your marriage journey, you will inevitable look back to realize the girl you dated is different from the woman are married to. To clarify, l do not mean she would become a brand new person. What l mean is that her priorities and perspective about life and marriage will improve in many ways. The girl you date does not want to meet your family or friends; she wants you all to herself. The woman you marry wants to know your family and friends. She knows without them, you would not ...

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Methods to improve the serotonin in brain naturally


MNA Life Style Desk: Low serotonin levels influence everything from your appetite to your sleep cycle, memory, sex drive, and (of course) mood. The powerful ways you can boost your mental well-being, focus and motivation by immediately increasing levels of this neurotransmitter. Take more tryptophan Firstly, you need to know about tryptophan. It’s an amino acid that’s vital in the production of serotonin, so if you increase your dietary intake then you put yourself on the fast track to happier days. Some of the best foods to eat include lean meats, eggs and dairy foods, but don’t fret if you’re ...

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Techniques to write an assignment worth talking about


MNA Life Style Desk: Every student has been challenged by an essay during their studies and much of what makes writing this assignment challenging is simply figuring out how to precede. Instead of wasting time wondering what you should do, consider following a system to guide your efforts. If you don’t have a system with which you are already familiar, here are some tips to get you started. Choose proper topic It is almost impossible to write a quality essay until you choose your topic. While you may have been given one as part of the assignment, other times you ...

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Necessary things for starting real estate business

real estate

MNA Life Style Desk: The real estate industry has long been a niche that is constantly thriving. No wonder there are a lot of people who are interested in starting businesses in this industry. One can easily expect success in real estate given that there are a lot of companies and individuals that are evident of real estate success. Be Very Specific The real estate industry is a very broad industry due to its wide scope. If you intend to start a business in this industry, then be specific about the niche that you are going to work in, whether ...

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Habits to make your morning better


MNA Life Style Desk: If the sound of your morning alarm is worse to you than nails on a chalkboard, and if the thought of sunbeams through your window is cringe-inducing, this article’s for you. The tips below will make the early hours easier and, ideally, get you moving and more productive during the day. Do stretch Right when you wake up take stretch or do some yoga for 15 minutes. This will naturally stimulate your body; it’s like an espresso shot right to your brain. And unlike coffee, this natural energy boost could last you all day. Make a ...

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Signs that show you doing well in life


MNA Life Style Desk: Perhaps you’ve lost your job, or your marriage just ended, or you failed to pass an exam and now you are simply feeling helpless and defeated. Winston Churchill once said: “Success consists of going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” Today I want to remind you why, even though you may be feeling a bit like a failure, you are most definitely not. You learning everyday No one said life was easy and while the bumps on the road may hurt, the ride is definitely worth it.  Think back to your failures and defeats. You ...

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Parents of successful children do these things


MNA Life Style Desk: Every parent wants their kids to be successful. It is the purest wish a parent can have. Making this wish a reality is an entirely different matter. There is no set recipe for raising kids. Psychologists have found a few common threads of successful parenting: Assigned regular tasks Research shows that when children are given chores at an early age it cultivates in them a sense of responsibility, self-reliance and mastery. When using chores to build your child’s character, researchers caution that chores and allowance be kept separate. Studies show that external rewards can actually lower ...

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Get more social media attention

social media

MNA Life Style Desk: If you are a blogger or website creator, you can draw attention to your social media. In addition, you can use social media to draw attention to a cause you believe in or share personal news. Also, you can use social media to find like-minded users who share your interests. You can even try to market a product using social media. Twitter When you go to your Twitter account, you will see your analytics near your profile picture. They are visible every 24 hours. By looking at the screenshot, you can see my blog posts received ...

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Effective ways to prevent drug addiction


MNA Life Style Desk: You recognize that you cannot use drug and alcohol like others and that you may need treatment and ongoing support to prevent relapse. Is it possible to prevent drug addiction altogether? Anything is possible, but if you are predisposed genetically to addiction your chances are greater for developing an addiction. This means that if drug or alcohol addiction runs in your family, then you too may be at risk for the development of addiction. The best step in the prevention of drug addiction is avoiding the use of the drug in the first place. Avoid peer ...

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Mindsets that make extremely strong souls


MNA Life Style Desk: Often the souls that have been through the hardest challenges experience the most growth. Growth allows us to become stronger and also allows us to become more aware of our abilities, wisdom and intuition. This in turn, helps us to create mentally strong habits that allow us to view life with more positivity, grace and thoughtfulness. Let troubles go Strong souls know when it is time to let go of what no longer serves them. They also know that through letting go, something new will always arrive. Take responsibility Strong souls know how important it is ...

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The effective ways of trading stock in market


MNA Life Style Desk: As the economy is going down, a stock trader’s life is getting harder. However, a great stock trader will always find a way to make money through stock trading. The more you know about the trading market, the easier it gets for you to make money from it. That’s why even when the economy is not doing so well, a great stock trader will always know what to do, and will also make sure that he’s, or she’s, making profits on his or her invested money. Trading stocks To be able to start trading stocks, you’ll ...

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