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Hop into bed just once a week for improving relationship

Countering a common perception that more sex can improve relationships, a study has found that couples are at their happiest when they hop into bed just once a week and that can contribute for improving their relationships. “Although more frequent sex is associated with greater happiness, this link was no longer significant at a frequency of more than once a week,” said lead researcher Amy Muise from University of Toronto-Mississauga in Ontario, Canada. “Our findings suggest that it’s important to maintain an intimate connection with your partner, but you don’t need to have sex everyday as long as you’re maintaining ...

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Multiplication of breast cancer cells in human bodies

A group of researchers has found that multiplication of breast cancer cells in human bodies to other parts of the body by sliding around other cells, blocking their escape route out of the original tumor. Breast cancer, which accounts for maximum cancer deaths among women, has been a hot issue among researchers for years. The spreading of cancer cells from one part of the body to another, a process known as metastasis, is the leading cause of death among cancer patients, researchers said. The researchers demonstrate a quantitative ruler for measuring how well a cell is able to slide. “By ...

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Symptoms and signs of chronic stress; a source of Alzheimer’s

Chronic Stress can be a lethal problem and knowing its symptoms and signs can help as this can even be a source of Alzheimer’s. The old saying, “Whatever doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger,” may not hold true when it comes to chronic stress. Stomach ulcers were the first disease linked to chronic stress.  It took many more years of research to learn that many diseases and health problems are linked to chronic stress, including problems like; Acne, Addictions, Anxiety, Alzheimer’s, Bone Loss, Cancer (due to reduced immune system), Depression, Diabetes, Digestive problems, Heart disease (stress actually creates plague in ...

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Teenage Years – Dilemma for parents, teachers and teenagers


Teenage Years – it has been a dilemma for parents, teachers and teenagers of modern era. From birth, the human body and mind go through several changes and development phases; the most complex of these phases is adolescence or commonly known as teenage years. During this time, a person in perplexed with impulsive and often volatile behavior, a rush of emotions which seem to change surprisingly fast. The causes of this distinctive period of our lives have been subject to many researches all around the world and still remains a mystery. In recent times, the teenagers of Bangladesh are shifting ...

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Men, Depression & Social Support

Depression can be a vital life altering disease or condition for both men and women on which social support can play a vital role. Clinical depression can be especially challenging for people who don’t have strong support from loved ones. But having that kind of social support may end up discouraging some men from seeking out professional help, according to a study published this month in the journal General Hospital Psychiatry. That’s a dynamic that doesn’t appear to play out for depressed women, the study found. “Social support is, generally speaking, a good thing. In many ways, it buffers against ...

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