Chaitra Sankranti: The end of Bangla year 1423

Chaitra Sankranti

MNA Feature Desk: The country is taking preparations to say goodbye to the running Bangla year 1423 amid the Chaitra Sankranti celebration today (Thursday) and will welcome the Bangla new calendar year 1424 tomorrow (Friday) through Pahela Baishakh celebration.

Chaitra Sankranti is an age-old festival of rural Bangla which marks the last day of a Bangla year. The Bangla calendar is solar, with the year beginning on Pahela Baishakh.

Chaitra Sankranti is being observed for hundreds of years marking the last day of the Bangla year. Usually rural people arranged festivals to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another. “Charak puja” is one of the major events of the festival.

It is celebrated in the month of Chaitra. Sun will enter Pisces sign during Chaitra Sankranti. The auspicious period will begin after sunset.

It is considered auspicious to do charity, donation, holy bath etc on this day. Sacred time is considered appropriate for taking bath in holy rivers or pilgrimage sites.

The festival of Surya Sakranti is a joyous and auspicious occasion that provides strength to mind, body and soul. In Bangladesh, it is celebrated with great enthusiasm among Hindu communities.

The festival is one of the most auspicious festivals celebrated in different ways. It is celebrated with a great feeling of devotion, enthusiasm and pleasure.