Successful people

Characteristics of highly successful people

MNA Life Style Desk: Successful people have to go through lots of struggles, uncertainty and pains. Struggle is different for everyone but psychologists say some characteristics are very common in all successful people. Here are some characteristics of successful people.


Self-control is also needed for success. In your journey to success, you have to give-up many bad habits. Without self-control, it is highly unlikely that you will reach your goal. If you read successful people, you will find that they rarely lose control.

Big Dreams:

If you go through biographies of successful people, you will hardly find anyone who did not have big dreams from their childhood. Walt Disney can be at the top of our list. Biographies of Steven Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, J K Rowling all will tell you about their big dreams. If you are afraid of dreaming big, chances are slim that you will come out successful.


There are of course ups and downs in life but successful people are generally optimistic. You need optimism for success because you might fail in your first attempt or several times in the journey to success. Optimism is the best strategy for success. An optimist always expects positive outcomes. He or she does not take failure personally but keeps on trying. Optimist people see the glass as half-full rather than half-empty and utilise every opportunity he or she has.


Whether you are in the field of business or politics, creativity matters. “Out of box” thinking requires for success. A creative business person has more chances to be successful than a business person who is not creative. “Out of thinking” was the key to the success of Steven Jobs. The same can be applied to Mark Zuckerberg.


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