Chief Editor & Managing Director

Mir Mosharref Hossain

Mr. Mir Mosharref Hossain (Pakbir) is a Prominent Businessmen and a career Journalist in Bangladesh. He is a good social worker as well and did a lot for the development of the children, upto Rural Area, of the Country.

He served in many renowned Companies in Bangladesh at the level of Sr. Management Personnel/CEO of the concerns and they were – Loyal Shipping (Pvt) Ltd., Mohammadi Housing Ltd., Mohammadi Designers Ltd. andMohammadi Fashions Ltd. At present he is the Managing Director of Mohammadi Homes Ltd., Mohammadi Stock Market Ltd. (DSE Member No. 15), Mohammadi Shipping Ltd., Mohammadi Air Travels Ltd. and Mohammadi Farms Ltd. He is one of the Directors of the Daily Observer and Chief Editor & Managing Director of Mohammadi News Agency (MNA).

He visited many Countries several times to attend International Seminars & Symposiums on Business Matters and Journalism. He spent a lot of time and money in the matter of helping Poor and Meritorious Students, Autism and Environmental Management. The Nation is expecting a good Quantum of Contribution from him on Education, Employment, Environmental Development and House Accommodation.