Cyclone Mora: More than 100 houses destroyed

Cyclone Mora

MNA National Desk: ‘Cyclone Mora’ destroyed hundreds of houses and uprooted many trees in Saint Matin’s Island and Teknaf areas of Coxs Bazar district.

Cox’s Bazar cyclone observational centre officials said cyclone Mora crossed the Cox’s Bazar coast around 7:30am. The cyclone is heading towards Chittagong.

The severe cyclonic storm that prompted authorities to raise the highest warning level — Great Danger Signal No. 10 — made landfall around 6am on Tuesday at Kutubdia, an offshore island of Cox’s Bazar.

destroyedThe district’s disaster management office said that more than 200,000 people were moved to the 538 cyclone shelters.

The local administration said 88 medical units, 6,010 local volunteers and 15,000 Red Crescent volunteers were kept on standby.