First ever 3D animation cartoon in Bangla

MNA Science & Tech Desk: The very first three-dimensional (3D) animation series based on children’s adventure story in Bangla is on the drawing board as the trial of ‘Chacha Bahinir Ajob Kahini’ has been released on Youtube channel.

Maverick Studios plans to introduce children classics, including fairytales of Bangla literature to the new generation.

Wahid Ibn Reza, a Bangladeshi filmmaker working with Sony Pictures Imageworks in Vancouver is the creative producer of the project.

Wishing Shubha Nabarsha to everyone through Facebook, Reza said, ‘Personally, I have long been trying to create some contents in Bangla for our future generation. Especially after coming abroad, many Bangladeshi parents were desperately desperate to teach their children Bangla.’


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