Fogging a ‘myth’ in dengue control: WHO expert

MNA Feature Desk: Source detection of Aedes mosquito breeding is the key to curb dengue fever, says a mosquito expert of the World Health Organisation, with 40 years of experience.

Dr B N Nagpal, senior entomologist of WHO Southeast Asia region, also dismissed fogging to kill Aedes mosquito as a “myth”.

The mosquito expert came up with the statement at a special briefing organised by the health department, DGHS, in Dhaka on Monday, reports

“Fogging on the street and open areas is a myth. Clean your own house and spray aerosol in the morning and evening because Aedes rest inside the house,” he said.

Dengue fever cases are rising in the region with hundreds of thousands of people are being affected, he said.

But he said the “source detection” of the dengue mosquito breeding is the key. “It can breed even in 2ml water,” he said, showing a cap of a water bottle.

He said dengue mosquitoes lay eggs not directly inside the water. “They lay eggs on the brim where those eggs can survive as long as one year and when flooded or when the container is fully poured, eggs hatch rapidly”.

“It’s a smart mosquito. It does not rest on walls. It rests under the tables, beds, sofas, curtains, hanging clothes and dark places,” he said, suggested spraying in those places.

“But source detection is the key. We should give a plain message to the people that clean your house once in a week for one hour,” he said, adding that Sri Lanka could control the spread of this mosquito with this message involving people.

“We need to give proper message to the community because without community mobilisaiton this disease cannot be controlled,” he said, adding that if people act on the message, in 10 days the disease can come under control.


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