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General safety guidelines for your kids

MNA Life Style Desk: You should feel it is important to lay down few safety guidelines for your children both inside and outside the house. If you are speculating just how to go about it, we have the answer for you.

Keeping your kid safe at all times means continuous adult direction. It also means implementing a few important changes and rules that ensure your kid’s safety and well-being. Also, it is important to prepare your kid for basic safety steps in the event of an emergency.

Teach contact details

Your kid may be small but it is essential to teach basic contact details like your and your partner’s name and contact number. Your kid should be able to share your communication number with someone in case of an emergency. Also, help your kid memorize a backup number to call, like a grandparent, uncle or aunt.

Eat nothing from stranger

You need to teach your kid about the risks of eating food that is given by a stranger. No matter how tempting the treat is, if it comes from a outsider, your kid should not eat it. Teach your kid that it is hazardous to accept food from anyone.

Don’t play with fire and electric equipment

Whether or not you are at home, your kid should know that it is completely not allowed to play with fire and electric equipment. Only if you are around and have given your consent can your kid be near fire. Make sure all fire outlets are safely out of your kid’s reach.

Never go with stranger

Your kid should know that no matter what the reasoning, it is not safe to go anywhere with a stranger. Tell your kid that if a stranger tells them something like “Your mom asked you to come with me immediately,” they should stay where they are and shout out for help. Ensure that if there is an emergency, you will always send a family member, like grandparent or aunt, to be with your kid and not a stranger.

If get lost, stay where you are

In the occasion that your kid gets lost, tell them it is important they stay right where they are. If they see any other mom with kids nearby, they can ask her for help. Your kid should stay inside the place and not go out, even with the other mom.

However, last of all make it a rule that your child calls a parent or leaves you a message, as soon as he gets home. This can be the first step in a daily routine that includes homework, a snack, and some downtime.


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