Get perfect hair during monsoon

MNA Life Style Desk: Monsoon is here again. Though we all love the rains and wait for them eagerly, we should be aware that during this time of the year, our body requires more care. We take care of our body and skin but, often neglect our hair. With proper hair care we can always manage to keep our hair safe and glossy even when the rains come.

  • Hair masks can work as wonders on hair, especially in weather condition like monsoon. Coconut oil and honey is the odd combination, but provides wonderful nutrients to the hair.
  • Keep your feet moisturised to avoid them from cracking and dryness.
  • To avoid decaying of footwear, it is advised not to wet the shoes and keep the inner sole dry to prevent it from decaying. Rub wax all over the outer walls of your shoes to keep them shining.
  • Apply conditioner to the hair tips, to restore the natural conditioning in your hair, as during monsoon, the scalp becomes oily. Hair tip, conditioner should be applied on the hair tips instead of head.
  • Get soft and silky hair, by giving your hair a free beer delight. It gives more volume to your hair and makes them feel light.
  • Wet and tied hair catches more dust. Always pat dry, even if you enjoy getting drenched in the drizzle.
  • Pat dry the shoes and let them dry for longer period of time. This will make it odour free and safe from mud.

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