Begum Rokeya

Google doodle observes Begum Rokeya Day

MNA Science & Tech Desk: Search engine giant Google has come up with a doodle to pay tribute to Bengali pioneer for women’s rights Begum Rokeya, marking her 137th birthday and 85th death anniversary.

The doodle shows an image of Begum Rokeya carrying some books. Another book lies open on a divan. The logo of the Google is divided into three, with the ‘Go’ giving a deeper meaning of Begum Rokeya’s journey beyond the contemporary tradition and setting a precedent in her era.

Clicking on the doodle will bring the visitors to search result page for Begum Rokeya’s life and works.

Born on 9 December 1880, Begum Rokeya was the pioneer of feminist thinking, writing and consistent advocate of female education in the subcontinent.

Bangladesh is observing her accomplishments on the day of her 137th birth anniversary.


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