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Hamas, Islamic Jihad call on PLO to withdraw Israel recognition

MNA International Desk: Islamic Hamas movement and Islamic Jihad in Gaza on Friday called on the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) to withdraw its recognition of Israel.

Hazem Qassem, a Hamas spokesmen in Gaza, said that the PLO ‘should immediately withdraw its recognition of the Israeli entity’, reported news agency.

He also called on the Palestinian National Authority to stop security coordination with Israel.

The PLO recognised Israel and signed Oslo peace agreements in 1993 throughout an exchange of letters between Palestinian and Israeli leaders, where Israel recognised the PLO as the representative of the Palestinians.

Meanwhile, Khader Habib, the senior Islamic Jihad leader in Gaza, said it is important to carry on with the Palestinian Intifada, or uprising against Israel in the Palestinian territories.

He said the Intifada broke out in response to US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Habib told demonstrators in southern Gaza that the Palestinian Authority ‘must have severe security coordination with the Zionist entity and the PLO has to withdraw its recognition of this entity.’

Earlier, the two groups said they received invitations to attend the meeting of the Palestinian Central Council (PCC), or the PLO parliament, which is scheduled in the West Bank on January 14.

The PLO Central Council is holding an emergency meeting to discuss the consequences of Trump’s Jerusalem declaration, his intentions to move US embassy to the city and the current Israeli government’s policy.


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