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Helicopter attacks Venezuela’s Supreme Court

MNA International Desk: A helicopter dropped two grenades on Venezuela’s Supreme Court building in a ‘terror attack’ against his government, President Nicolas Maduro said in a speech on Tuesday, adding that the weapons failed to explode.

The 54-year-old socialist leader, who has faced three months of opposition protests as well as dissent from within government, said the helicopter shot at the judicial building and also threw some grenades.

Witnesses reported hearing several detonations in downtown Caracas, where the pro-Maduro Supreme Court, the presidential palace and other key government buildings are located.

The helicopter also flew over the Interior Ministry, Maduro said in a speech.

“Sooner rather than later we are going to capture the helicopter and those behind this armed terrorist attack against the institutions of the country,” he said.

The Supreme Court is particularly hated by Maduro’s opponents for its string of rulings bolstering his power and undermining the opposition-controlled legislature.

Opposition leaders have long been calling on Venezuela’s security forces to stop obeying a president they call a murderous dictator.

But there was also some speculation on social media among opposition supporters that the helicopter attack could have been staged to justify repression or cover up drama at Venezuela’s National Assembly, where two dozen lawmakers said they were being besieged by pro-government gangs.

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