‘Insatiable’ faces fat-shaming accusations

MNA Entertainment Desk: Netflix’s new series “Insatiable,” hitting screens Friday, was touted by the streaming service as a dark comedy meant to spark debate on society’s ills, reported news agency.

Instead, critics have slammed it as fat-shaming, homophobic and denigrating to transgender people.

The offbeat show follows the story of overweight teen Patty, who is mocked and bullied incessantly until she has an accident that requires her jaw be wired shut — which causes her to shed significant weight.

With her new svelte figure, she vows to seek revenge on all those who attacked her, notably by participating in beauty contests.

The trailer prompted fierce backlash from critics accusing the show of body-shaming.

It perpetuates “not only the toxicity of diet culture, but the objectification of women’s bodies,” read a petition launched last month.

With the show’s release on Friday, the petition — which calls for the series’ cancellation — had more than 229,400 signatures.

Some people also skewered the show for the way it portrayed homosexuality, including apparently making light of Patty’s best friend Nonnie for her repressed desire.


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