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International Day of Sign Languages

MNA Feature Desk: The first International Day of Sign Languages is being observed across the world on September 23, 2018 with the theme “With Sign Language, Everyone is Included!”

The UN General Assembly decided to commemorate the day as the International Day of Sign Languages in order to raise awareness of the importance of sign language in the full realisation of the human rights of people who are deaf.

The UN resolution establishing the day acknowledged that early access to sign language and services in sign language, including quality education available in sign language, is vital to the growth and development of deaf individuals and critical to the achievement of the internationally agreed development goals.

The resolution also recognised the importance of preserving sign languages as a part of linguistic and cultural diversity.

It also emphasized the principle of “nothing about us without us” in terms of working with deaf communities.

According to the World Federation of the Deaf, there are approximately 72 million deaf people worldwide and more than 80 per cent live in developing countries. Collectively, they are known to use more than 300 different sign languages.


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