two graft cases

Khaleda Zia gets bail in two graft cases

MNA National Desk: BNP chief Khaleda Zia secured bail from a special court set up at the playground of Government Alia Madrasah in Dhaka’s Bakshibazar in two graft cases over Zia Charitable and Zia Orphanage Trust.

Upon hearing the prayers, the special court at Alia Madrasa premises in Bakshibazar accepted the bail for a bond of Tk 100,000.

The BNP chief reached the court at 11am. Muhammad Jammiruddin Sircar, a former speaker and BNP leader, stood for Khaleda.

The lawyers of the defendants and Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) were there. Special security measures were taken in the court area.

On 12 October, arrest warrants were issued against Khaleda Zia in connection with both the cases.


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