Lady Justice Statue removed from SC premises


MNA Editorial Desk: The statue of the Greek goddess, Themis, has been removed from the Supreme Court premises on Thursday night.

There was no official comment from the court or the government, but Attorney General Mahbubey Alam said the statue’s removal was “a decision of the court”.

Sculptor Mrinal Haque choked back tears as he oversaw the statue’s removal, saying it felt like “clearing a dead body”.

statueMrinal Haque also told media that he was told about the removal of the statue on Thursday afternoon. The removal process started around 11:30pm, Thursday, he added.

The sculpture was installed in front of the court in December, and depicts a woman in a sari clutching a sword and scales, similar to the traditional depiction of the Greek goddess Themis.

At first hardline Islamist groups, and later the country’s religious establishment, had been calling for the statue’s removal, on the grounds that its presence was an example of idol worship, forbidden in Islam.

On Friday, hundreds of students and left-wing activists protested against the statue’s removal outside the court premises and on the Dhaka University.

Earlier, at 12:30am on Friday, it was seen that all entrances of the Supreme Court premises were locked down. Three-four labourers are working to remove the statute while as many as 10-12 more are giving directions for the removal process.