Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniv

MNA Feature Desk: The world is commemorating the Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi — an International icon of peace and human rights who was born exactly 150 years ago.

Popularly and adoringly called as ‘Bapu’ and ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ in his country of origin, he was the man who, through his self-developed tactics of passive resistance and non-violence, ensured India’s freedom from the slavery of British colonial powers.

Mahatma Gandhi who was born into a conservative Hindu family in Porbandar in the state of Gujarat was an average student who didn’t excel in any subject. But his childhood exposure to initial teachings about religious tolerance, ideals of non-violence and peace via listening to the various religious discourses of other faiths engraved a deep understanding in his mind which lasted throughout his life.

Gandhi, being a true visionary, organised the Indian masses to vehemently oppose prejudice, racial discrimination, and, injustice emanating out of the policies of British masters who had been ruling India for over a century by then.

He often recalled upon the strength of his body and mind when he rallied to rouse the community at large against the might of the imperial crown, especially when he braved inclement weather, arduous travels, and severe fasts.


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