May Day: Immigrants March for Reformation in US

MNA Feature Desk: On May 1, hundreds of thousands of immigrants and their allies are expected to take to the streets in US show of power.

Immigrants have been marching on May Day for a decade now, first in 2006, when 1.5 million people took to the streets across the country to demand immigration reform.

Until that year, May Day had been associated solely with International Workers’ Day; now immigrants have made it a day to demand their rights, too. 2006 marked a watershed moment; it was the first time immigrants and their loved ones took to the streets in such massive numbers.

In the decade since, marching on May 1 has become an annual custom, and the day is a key national day of action for immigrant rights activists and advocates.

The 2006 immigration protests were a series of demonstrations that began in Chicago and continued throughout major cities nationwide for a period of eight weeks.

A major demonstration in Chicago on March 10, 2006 estimated at 100,000 people was the initial impetus for protests throughout the country. Most of the protests were peaceful and attracted considerable media attention. Additional protests took place on May Day.

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