Mim to impress with ‘Shapludu’

MNA Culture & Entertainment Desk: National Film Award winning actress Bidya Sinha Saha Mim, who is now seen more on the big screen than small screen, has performed her best in acting career in movie ‘Shapludu’, according to the film related persons.

Making it the big-screen directorial debut of renowned small-screen director Golam Sohrab Dodul, the film was scheduled to be released on the last Pahela Boishakh. However, due to some complications, the film’s release date was postponed and it is set to be released very soon.

In the film, Mim has portrayed a unique role named Pushpo and according to the actress, it was one of her best performances till date. Popular actor Arifin Shuvo has shared the screen opposite to her in the film.

MimAbout the film, Mim said, “Under the direction of Golam Sohrab Dodul, I have tried to give my best performance in ‘Shapludu’. I tried to bring out the character of Pushpo on screen as lively as possible. During the shooting, I remained in the character of Pushpo as much as possible.”

“The whole unit was pleased with my performance and it was also a unique achievement for me. With all the cast and crew, I am also optimistic about ‘Shapludu’ due to its amazing story and making. I hope the audience will enjoy watching the film”, she added.

Apart from the film, the actress has recently starred in two web series titled ‘Neel Dorja’ and ‘Beauty and Bullet’, directed by Golam Sohrab Dodul and Animesh Aich respectively. In ‘Neel Dorja’, Mim starred opposite Chanchal Chowdhury while in ‘Beauty and Bullet’, Tahsan Khan starred opposite her.

Mim made her debut in Humayun Ahmed’s film titled ‘Amar Ache Jol’. The exceptional portrayal in late Khalid Mahmood Mithu-directed film ‘Jonakir Alo’ had brought Mim her first National Film Award.


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