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Natural mouthwashes for bad breath

MNA Life Style Desk: There are few things more unpleasant and uncomfortable in social situations than talking to someone with bad breath. For many people, grabbing a mint or a piece of gum is their go-to solution, as it quickly masks the problem. But this approach often fails to address the root causes of bad breath, which for many people includes dietary deficiency.

Here are some natural ways to help cure the problem of bad breath:

Cinnamon and clove mouthwash: Take one cup of distilled water, 10 to15 drops each of cinnamon and clove oils. Mix them well. The best part about this natural mouthwash is that it has a long shelf life.

Apple cider vinegar mouthwash: Put two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, one cup of salt water and vanilla essential oil in a bowl and mix well. Store the mixture in a bottle and swish your mouth with this solution.

Peppermint and tea tree oil mouthwash: Add one cup of distilled water, two teaspoons of baking soda, eight to nine peppermint leaves and two drops of tea tree oil. Mix all the ingredients well. Before every use it, make sure you shake the jar well as the baking soda settles down on the bottom.

Salt water mouthwash: This is a simple mouthwash that needs one cup distilled warm water and a tablespoon salt.

Neem: Neem is an ancient remedy for bleeding gums and to lower the level of harmful bacteria in the mouth. It has therapeutic and anti-bacterial properties. Neem also prevents cavities.


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