No rooftop celebration on 31st night


MNA National Desk: The personal celebration of 31st night is also prohibited on the roofs of housing buildings, Commissioner of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Asaduzzaman Mia said this at a press conference at the DMP Media Center.

Asaduzzaman said that all kinds of programs are prohibited in open places to celebrate the 31st night. Everything has to be inside upon permission, but not on the roofs.

Regarding the security of the Dhaka University area, Commissioner Asaduzzaman said: “No vehicles will be allowed to enter the university premises, except those bearing the university sticker, after 8pm. Apart from Shahbagh and Nilkhet, all other entry points to Dhaka University will remain closed.”

Besides, Bomb Disposal Unit will also remain on standby in important places, the DMP commissioner added.