Noor Hossain Day

Noor Hossain Day today

MNA Feature Desk: Shaheed Noor Hossain Day is being observed today across the country by political parties, socio-cultural and professional organizations with due solemnity commemorating the pro-democracy activists sacrifice.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, President Abdul Hamid and leaders of various political parties issued messages.

The day was first called “Historic November 10 observance” but the Awami League supported the phrase “Noor Hossain Day”, by which it is known today.

‘Zero Point’ in the capital’s Gulistan area was renamed as ‘Noor Hossain Chattar’ (square) after the young man was gunned down near it by police on November 10, 1987.

The day is a national day in Bangladesh observed every November 10 in order to commemorate the martyrdom of Noor Hossain while protesting for the establishment of democracy in the country against the autocratic rule of Hussain Muhammad Ershad in 1987.

Noor Hossain who was a motor driver by profession was killed by the police force. At the time he was shot, his body carried several slogans in white paint. He wore the slogan “Down with autocracy” (Sairachar nipat jak) on his chest, and on his back, he had written the slogan “Let Democracy Be Free” (Ganatantra mukti pak).


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