‘Not Allowing Any Foreigners In Our Restaurant’

MNA Editorial Desk: Lake Terrace, an upscale rooftop restaurant on the Lake Drive Road of capital’s Uttara, has put up a sign banning foreigners at the entrance of the five-storey building and near the elevator.

“Due to Holey Artisan incident and after receiving a notice from our landlord; we are not allowing any foreigners in our restaurant. We are ashamed and pitiful from our soul for this message. Please accept our apologies and wait till farther notice,” it reads.

The restaurant, established in 2012, overlooking the Uttara Lake, offering seafood and steak used to attract a trendy crowd including many foreigners until the prohibition came into effect around a month after the July 1 terrorist attack at Holey Artisan.

Twenty people, most of them foreigners, have been killed in an attack on a cafe in Bangladesh claimed by so-called Islamic State. Nine Italians, seven Japanese, one US citizen and an Indian also died.

The attack shocked the world and forced some Western countries to issue Bangladesh travel warnings for their respective citizens. The US believes the terrorist threat in the Muslim-majority country is real and credible.

The warning has remained the same even though one year has passed without any major security breakdown since the previous attack.

However, it’s really frustrating for us as we have failed to ensure the securities of foreign citizens and also shamelessly banning them to enter public places for our own benefits.

It seems like a reminder to the foreigners that they are not safe here and that there is a risk in staying here. Even some of our own citizens who often hang out at the restaurant thought that the move would give a negative impression of the country.

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