Pahela Falgun

Pahela Falgun being celebrated

MNA Feature Desk: Pahela Falgun, the first day of spring of Bengali month Falgun, is being celebrated with flowers, poems, songs and dances. It brings joys and colours both in nature and life.

The winter season has come to a close with rising of temperature as the people is set to welcome Pahela Falgun embracing fragrant of nature and exchanging love with their beloved ones.

After the dryness of winter, new leaves start to come out again and the nature adorns the branches with new colorful flowers like Shimul, Polash and Marigold bringing the news of spring.

Falgun is the eleventh month in the Bengali calendar and the first month of the season, Spring, the king of all the six seasons that brings back warm sunshine, budding flowers and dancing of birds.

Normally Girls are dressed in “bashonti” (yellow or orange) colored sarees and adorning floral ornaments, while boys wear colorful panjabis to welcome the arrival of spring in the day.

The festival-loving people welcomed and celebrated the day with great joy, love and in a colourful manner.

Bakultola of the Faculty of Fine Arts (Charukala) of Dhaka University (DU) was the centre point of the festival.

Thousands of young men and women gatherd in the morning and celebrated the day by singing songs, reciting poems and dancing.

The entire DU campus and the Ekeushy Boi Mela premises become the best places to hang out with friends, family members and beloved ones.


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