Police gets clearance to collect tenant’s information from HC

Police’s act of collecting information about tenants gets clearance from the High Court. A plea was filed by Supreme Court lawyer Jyotirmoy Barua few days ago as the police started to gather information on clearance or the tenants from the landlords during last few months.

Many citizens felt harassed by this act of police and anticipated future hassles as they lack trust on police tremendously. This plea was a hope for them to avoid any mishaps in the future nut the bench of Justice Moyeenul Islam Chowdhury and Justice Md. Iqbal Kabir gave its decision ruling out this plea on Sunday.

The Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) distributed a form to the landlords to collect several information of each tenant. The form requires information like; National ID number, passport number, date of birth, photographs, information about the employed workers like driver and housekeeper etc.

Mr. Jyotirmoy Barua argued in his plea that police had no authority to obtain such personal details of any citizen. But, his plea did not cover people’s lack of trust on our law enforcers.

Police started this action after several incidents of terrorist shelters or bomb making facilities were recorded in multiple houses in capital and in most of the cases, the landlord claimed to be in dark of the activities of their tenants.

On Feb 29, the DMP Chief claimed at a media conference that, this move was only for security reasons but it greatly produces fear of police harassment among the people and for now, this fear will exist as after this decision of the High Court all the tenants will be require to provide their information to the police.


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