Protest for punishment of Salman Shah’s killers

MNA National Desk: Fans and followers of actor Salman Shah formed a human chain in front of a lower court in Dhaka, demanding punishment of the killers of their hero.

Fans of the actor led by Sheikh Mohammad Shahriar Jamal formed the human chain in the premises of Dhaka Metropolitan Sessions Judge court on Tuesday.

Earlier, one of the accused in Salman Shah’s death case, Rabeya Sultana Rubi said that the actor did not kill himself; rather he was murdered in a planned way.

Rubi recently posted a video on social media from the US. She claimed that Salman Shah was murdered and her family members were involved in the killing.

“My husband (John) planned it and my brother conducted the murder. Samira’s family (Salman Shah’s wife) masterminded Salman’s killing. Members of a Chinese community completed the task,” said Rubi.

The accused said she will do everything to prove her allegation. “They also tried to kill me. So, I am on the run as I am the last person who can prove it as killing. Now they are trying to kill me as the case may be reopened anytime.”

Actor Salman Shah’s mother Nilufar Chowdhury in a press conference on 9 February said Salman was murdered and alleged that “there have been many efforts to establish the case suicide in the past.”

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