Rich life style of Mugabe kids & associates

MNA Life Style Desk: People cheered in the streets on Tuesday as dictator Robert Mugabe was forced to resign. They’re angry at years of declining living conditions, with a GDP per capita lower than Afghanistan.

MugabeBut you wouldn’t know it from these photos, showing how the country’s elite are still finding plenty of wealth to go around, reports the Metro.

Photos shared online, including by Mugabe’s sons, show a minority have been living the high life, pouring champagne on their Rolex just ’cause, wearing $14,000 alligator skin Giuseppe Zanotti trainers and travelling around in silver plated Rolls-Royces and private jets.

MugabeThe younger Mugabes, Robert Jr, 25 and Chatunga, 21, have both shared photos of their luxury lifestyle showing off their bling and expensive cars.

Robert Mugabe made headlines after turning up to college in Dubai in a black Batmobile, which he bragged about to 23,000 followers on Instagram.

MugabeHis brother Chatunga was filmed pouring a bottle of Ace of Spades champagne on his Rolex watch at a nightclub just to show off. Their father Robert Mugabe resigned today amid scenes of jubilation in the country.

Zimbabweans have been filmed celebrating in Harare with many cheering, dancing and honking car horns.


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