‘More screen time increases risk of obesity’

MNA Life Style Desk: If your child spends more than one to two hours on screen-based devices such as computers, phones, tablets, video games or TV, they may be at a higher risk of developing obesity, warns American Heart Association in an advisory.

The new scientific statement, published in the journal Circulation, says that screen-based devices are associated with an increased amount of sedentary behaviour in children and teenagers.

“Although the mechanisms linking screen time to obesity are not entirely clear, there are real concerns that screens influence eating behaviours, possibly because children ‘tune out’ and do not notice when they are full when eating in front of a screen,” said Tracie A Barnett from the INRS-Institut Armand Frappier in Canada.

“There is also evidence that screens are disrupting sleep quality, which can also increase the risk of obesity,” Barnett added.

The statements are developed by a panel of experts who review existing scientific literature and evidence to provide an overview of a topic related to cardiovascular disease or stroke, reported news agency.


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