Sofia Hayat

Sofia Hayat dumps ‘con man’ husband

MNA Entertainment Desk: Bigg Boss 7 contestant Sofia Hayat, who tied the knot with Romanian interior designer Vlad Stanescu in April last year, has called time on their marriage.

The actress, who is in London after suffering a miscarriage last month, claims Stanescu swindled money from her and she found out about it only recently.

“He’s a con man. I had once caught him trying to steal my jewellery, but I forgave him because he said he was desperate and needed money urgently. Recently, I received a message from his ex-girlfriend saying he stole money from her too. When we had met, Vlad told me he is a hotshot interior designer but lost his job and came to London. He also said that he is not egoistic and doesn’t shy away from menial jobs, so he took up a gig as a salesman at a shop to manage expenses, and I believed him. Turns out, it was all lies,” Sofia told Mirror from London, adding that she gave him a job in her clinic (that provides non-surgical beauty treatments) and paid for their wedding. “We were living together in my house after the wedding.”


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