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Swedish Radio exposes RAB officer’s conversation on ‘extrajudicial killings’

MNA Editorial Desk: The Swedish Radio has revealed a recording over extrajudicial killings and human rights violations conducted by Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) in Bangladesh.

In the secret recording, a high ranking officer in the elite police force, RAB revealed the working methods of RAB.

According to the report the measures are used on people who RAB suspects of serious crimes but who they consider too difficult to convict in a trial or impossible to rehabilitate, reports Swedish Radio.

The investigative report published today is based on a two hour long recording in which the officer reveals how RAB regularly kills people without legal sanction and uses enforced disappearances.

According to the officer, the number of victims exceeds numbers quoted in statistics. He also confirms that members of RAB regularly accept bribes from criminals in order to buy weapons that are placed next to victims in order to plant evidence.

‘If you find him — shoot and kill him, wherever he is. And then plant a weapon beside him.’

This is often the order, says a high-ranking officer. In the conversation he explains how the elite police force in Bangladesh selects which people to kill.

The officer does not know that he is being recorded. He has been involved in dozens of killings. These are people who they suspect of serious crimes, but who they consider too difficult to convict in a trial, or impossible to rehabilitate.

The dialogue is in Bengali and to protect our sources the translation was done in a country with no connection to the people involved.

He tells how RAB kills selected targets when they least expect something to happen — people sitting at a tea stall or doing other things in their everyday life.

The high-ranking officer tells how the police take bribes from criminals. They use the money to buy weapons to plant next to the people they kill.

People seldom had weapons from the beginning. Planting evidence provides a motive for the killing, that the elite police force acted in self-defence, he explains.

This very sensitive recording is almost two hours long. The high-ranking elite police force officer is clearly repeating, over and over again, statements about killings and enforced disappearances conducted by RAB.

Human rights organizations have repeatedly criticized and documented human rights violations committed by RAB.

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