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Home ministry to buy Tk 2.0b data interceptor


MNA Science & Technology Desk: The government approved the procurement of another vehicle-mounted data interceptor for the ministry of home affairs under the direct purchase method. The cabinet committee on economic affairs gave the approval for the purchase in its meeting on Wednesday at the secretariat, chaired by finance minister AHM Mustafa Kamal. The procurement will cost the exchequer around Tk 2.0 billion. The National Telecommunication Monitoring Centre will use the data interceptor for the interest of national security. After the meeting, the minister said the way rumours are spread proves to be “very risky” for the country. “Such rumours ...

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Professor Barkat protests Priya Saha’s claim

Abul Barkat

MNA National Desk: Professor Abul Barkat, president of Bangladesh Economic Association (BEA), has protested Priya Saha’s misinterpreting data from his study. Earlier, Priya Saha was criticised for telling US President Donald Trump that there disappeared 37 million Hindus, Buddhists and Christians from Bangladesh. In the next video-interview, she said her data matches with a study conducted by Prof Barkat’s, or her data and Prof Barkat’s data are the same, according to a press release sent by the BEA. According to the estimation of Mr Barkat in his 2016 book Bangladeshy Krishi-Bhumi-Jola Songskarer Rajnity (Political economy of Agarian-Land-Aquarian Reform in Bangladesh), ...

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International Data Protection and Privacy Day observed


MNA Feature Desk: The Cyber Crime Awareness Foundation (CCA Foundation) observed ‘International Data Protection and Privacy Day’ on Monday across the country. Hundreds of organisations and individuals also observed the day across the globe to create awareness about the importance of respecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust. The CCA Foundation called on all public and private institutions to take awareness programme on occasion of the day. On this occasion, chapter committees of the foundation are arranging various programmes in different districts and universities of the country. Kazi Mustafiz, president of the foundation, said protecting personal data is highly relevant ...

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Google replied to Bangladesh’s request to deliver info


MNA Technology Desk: The transparency report of Google on Monday said they have replied to Bangladesh’s request to deliver info about some of its users. As the report stated that Bangladesh has demanded Google to deliver some of the users’ info and it responded positively. Bangladesh requested for info about 4 accounts in three requests in the first phase, against which Google did not reply completely, but it did respond positively to the second call where information about nine accounts were desired in four requests. Google calls the 2nd stage an ‘emergency disclosure request’ and the first phase a ‘legal ...

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Microsoft wins battle with US over data privacy


MNA Technology Desk: Microsoft wins battle with US on an order to hand over a customer’s email that was stored in Ireland, dealing the US government the latest hindrance in its fight with the tech industry over the reach of law enforcement and the limits of personal data privacy. A US appeals court ruled that the country’s courts could not issue warrants forcing data stored abroad to be turned over, refusing an earlier ruling from a New York court that found Microsoft in contempt for not helping in a tranquilizers case. Microsoft had campaigned hard against the warrant as a ...

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Recover your data after a computer crash


MNA Technology Desk: The most painful part of a computer crash is often the loss of data and the greatest relief is if you can recover your data after a computer crash. As there are many factors which would result in PC crash, it is not deniable that every PC user may experience this nightmare unexpectedly. Such as you try to prevent hard drive failure, you cannot prevent the intrusion of viruses or other system intruders. These bugs might crash your computers system. At that moment, recovering data after computer crash becomes the most urgent thing. Restore from your backup ...

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