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From Ldc To Developing Country: Govt’s mega projects to change face of BD


MNA Editorial Desk: Bangladesh, with its continuous development since independence in 1971, is being considered among one of the most promising countries of South Asia. Through recently becoming eligible in all three criteria for graduating from Least Development Country (LDC) to developing country, the effort of the Bangladeshi government was recognized. The current government, under the valiant leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, has adopted several mega projects which are expected to change the face of Bangladesh within the next decade. These mega projects will definitely contribute in becoming a developing country by 2021 and developed country by 2041. Despite ...

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5 Unhealthy parenting styles to ditch in 2018


MNA Lifestyle Desk: We share the 5 parenting styles experts warn will be detrimental to your child’s overall development. With the new year approaching, it’s time to take stock of the way you raise your kids and take strides to correct any parenting no-nos you might be guilty of. The key to raising happy, emotionally healthy and well-mannered children begins with correct parenting. After all, you as a parent are whom your kids will first learn from and look up to – so it’s important you key them in good behavior and send the right kind of message about how ...

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Govt’s continuity ‘indispensable’ to maintain development

boosting cooperation

MNA National Desk: Prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday said that the continuity of the government is ‘very much indispensable’ to maintain the development activities in the country. “For maintaining the continuity of development, the continuity of government is ‘very much indispensable’…….we’ve been able to unleash the development works in a well manner since we’ve been in power from 2008,” she said. Sheikh Hasina said this while laying the foundation stones of two projects for constructing rental-based flats for the slum dwellers in city’s Mirpur and another for constructing residential flats on abandoned plots in city’s Dhanmondi and Mohammadpur areas ...

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Political harmony: A critical factor for development of Bangladesh


MNA Editorial Desk: Most of us call the politics in Bangladesh very dirty now-a-days. We often hear that, the gentlemen do not get involved in politics. This is because of the tendency of throwing darts at each other which has become the characteristics of Bangladeshi politics in recent years. The ruling party and the opposition parties several times got into the acts of demeaning each other by calling bad names and unconstructively criticizing one another. It is required to practice constructive evaluation of the activities of the government or the opposition — but if something good does not come out ...

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Kim fully supports Sheikh Hasina’s approach for development


MNA National Desk: World Bank President Jim Yong Kim on Tuesday said he fully supports what Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is doing for the development of Bangladesh. Yong Kim made the remark when he met Sheikh Hasina at her official residence Ganobhaban. “The World Bank President said he is fully agreed on what Sheikh Hasina is doing for the development of Bangladesh, and expressed his full confidence in her development agenda,” Ihsanul Karim said. Kim has assured to raise its aid to Bangladesh by 50 percent. Kim said that WB will also give an extra $1 billion for tackling malnutrition ...

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Issues of flood management should be considered


MNA Editorial Desk: The issues of flood management should be considered from different angles of development of quality of life, impact on physical environment, socio-economic situation and environmental protection etc.  It is usually found that different techniques are experienced in different parts of the world to tackle the flood difficulties. Bangladesh is one of the most flood prone countries in the world, which is situated in south Asian sub-continent. Since early sixties of the last century the country has accepted different kinds of measures for flood management with mixed practices. Rapid population growth generates extra pressure on the land of ...

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Bangladesh and India merged Benapole-Petrapole


MNA Business Desk: Bangladesh and India have merged South Asia’s busiest land check-post at Benapole-Petrapole for easing the movement of general public and goods. Prime Ministers Sheikh Hasina and Narendra Modi unlocked the new ‘Petrapole Integrated Check Post’ (ICP) through a video call on Thursday. Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee linked them from Kolkata. Narendra Modi said on Thursday, India’s progress is linked to that of all its neighbors, as he along with his Bangladesh counterpart Sheikh Hasina inaugurated Petrapole-Benapole land port which will serve as a key trade route. This is the second ICP on the India-Bangladesh ...

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Malnutrition in Bangladesh remains a severe problem


MNA Editorial Desk: Over the years, even after several development projects, malnutrition in Bangladesh remains a severe problem. At least 53,000 children die every year in Bangladesh due to malnutrition as the country is exposed to the highest rate of child and maternal malnutrition in the world. Furthermore, 45% of deaths among the Under-5 children are caused by malnutrition since millions of children suffer from one or more forms of malnutrition, including low birth weight, stunting, underweight and Vitamin A and Iodine deficiencies. It is malnutrition that places the children into a state of pressure to regularly suffer from psychological ...

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Bangladesh’s development route is a unique achievement


Article By: Masud Al Islam MNA Feature Desk: It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that Bangladesh’s development route is a unique achievement story, particularly since the 1990s when democratic ruling system was restored and widespread economic modifications were made. Poverty frequency has dropped and gender parity reached in primary and secondary school registration. Together with the advancement in education, health, and gender equity, Bangladesh is also in the center of a progress takeoff that has abridged poverty and doubled per capita income since 2002. Millennium Development Goals and Bangladesh Bangladesh is on target for attaining most of the Millennium ...

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