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Education system under challenge: BD must act fast with precision

national election

MNA Editorial Desk: Education is said to be the backbone of a country. Hence, it is very important that the citizens are provided with proper education facility. Proper education will build the competency, excellence and potential of a person and that will turn him as an asset for the country rather than a burden. Education is also fundamental to the development and growth of a nation. A country needs to take steps to flourish the potential of human mind and to capitalise the potential of its citizens fully, and there is no effective way for doing so than education. Bangladesh ...

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Question Paper Leak: Are we ready to embrace a corrupt future generation?


MNA Feature Desk: Education is of great importance for a nation as it is the driving factor of social and economic growth. To be competent in today’s fast moving world, there is no alternative but ensuring education for the citizens of a country, which is willing to develop. It is said that, to destroy a country it is not required to fight a brutal war, destroying the education system will do the work. We might all know about the importance of education, specifically the need for quality education. But today, we stand on a ground when education system of Bangladesh ...

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Sustainable Democracy: Voting rights and role of education


MNA Editorial Desk: We often hear the word ‘Democracy’ uttered by both the politicians and our countrymen. We also hear the slogan ‘save the democracy’. It can sometimes confuse us as we take it as the only mean to ensure people’s rights in our beloved country. But it is really bewildering that if we really understand the concept of democracy. It gives us freedom, but does not free us from our liability to the society or to the country. Democracy can be explained as a government system where citizens exercise power directly or elect representatives to form a governing body, ...

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World Youth Skills Day: Education key to reaching potential


MNA Feature Desk: The world celebrates “Youth Skills Day” as a U.N. international day that was adopted by a resolution of the U.N. General Assembly. Marking this day raises the awareness on the importance of building the skills of youth through education and training as they are the key determinants of maximizing the potential of youth around the world. Building skills of youth has been evolving around various methodologies and approaches from conferences, workshops, and trainings to internships, simulations, mentorships and coaching. This is linked to the technological progress that impacts the flow of knowledge and the way one acquires ...

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Nawab Salimullah Khan: An architect of Muslim League


MNA Feature Desk: Nawab Salimullah Khan (Khwaja Salimullah), Muslim nationalist, an architect of the All India Muslim League, patron of education. Son of Nawab Khwaja Ahsanullah and grandson of Nawab Khwaja Abdul Ghani, he was born at the Ahsan Manzil on 7 June 1871. Following the family tradition Salimullah learnt at home Urdu, Arabic, Persian and English. In 1893 he entered government service as a Deputy Magistrate. But in 1895 he left the job and started business at Mymensingh. Nawab Salimullah got involved in politics in 1903-04 by way of giving opinion on the government’s plan for the partition of ...

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HSC results will be published on August 18


MNA Editorial Desk: HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) and equivalent exam results of 2016 will be published on Thursday (August 18). Nurul Islam Nahid, Education Minister, along with chairmen of all education boards will hand over copies of the results to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at 10am. Nahid will officially announce the results at a press conference at 1pm. Applicants will be able to know their results after 2pm. This year a total of 1,218,628 students took part in the exams from eight education boards, and madrasa and technical boards between Apr 3 and Jun 12. The result will be available ...

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Right to education for indigenous people


MNA Feature Desk: This year’s International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples is devoted to the right to education for indigenous people. Indigenous peoples frequently face stigmatization of their cultural identity and lack of admiration and recognition for their heritage and values, including in textbooks and other educational ingredients. Moreover, their marginalization is often compounded by language obstacles as instruction is primarily in the national language, with little or no instruction in, or recognition of, indigenous languages. The right to education is fundamental and indigenous knowledge systems hold many answers to mitigating the consequences of climate change. There are an ...

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Developments needed for primary education


MNA Editorial Desk: In spite of many successes during the past decade, major developments are still needed in order for all children to receive the advantages of primary education. In terms of access, the high enrollment rates achieved for both boys and girls do not yet equate to covering all the children in Bangladesh. It is currently estimated that there are more than 3 million out-of-school children throughout the country. Schooling opportunities are also very limited for some specific groups such as working children, disabled children, indigenous children and those in remote areas or living in extreme poverty. Even for ...

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School dropout numbers are increasing in Bangladesh


MNA Editorial Desk: School dropout rates in Bangladesh, with a population of 150 million, have always been high, but new research suggests that the numbers are increasing. Despite the recent progress in enrolment, there has been a dropout rate of 21% in primary education, according to the Education for All (EFA) Global Monitoring Report. From 2005 to 2013, the net enrolment rate increased by 10.1 per cent—from 87.2 in 2005 to 97.3 in 2013—while the average dropout rate slump more than half from 10.2 per cent to 4.3 per cent during the same period, the report says. Most of the ...

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Protection of the minority communities


MNA Editorial Desk: There have been consistent attacks on members of the minority communities and they should receive protection for humanity. They are oppressed, their temples and churches are damaged, their houses and businesses are burgled. It is ordinary for their property to be taken over, or they are enforced to sell their land at cheap prices. Militants have attacked and killed them, including their priests, workers, preachers and other religious leaders. The most recent killing was of the Hindu priest Ananda Gopal Ganguly in Noldanga union, Jhenidah, bringing a cloud of pessimism to the area. During the six-phase UP ...

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Government alert on condition in North South University


MNA Editorial Desk: Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid has said that the government is alert on the condition in the North South University (NSU), a reputed private university, from where some students have got mixed up in terrorist activities. Missing students are found to be getting connected in terrorism, Nahid said at a meeting with the UGC chairman in the Secretariat on Tuesday. The minister also witnessed that this trend appeared more marked among smart and meritorious student from well-to-do families. “Such allegations against NSU teachers and students had risen earlier. We are aware of this university. We also held ...

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Primary education up to class VIII


MNA National Desk: Primary education in Bangladesh, from now on, will be up to class VIII. The ministries of education, primary and mass education jointly took this decision. It was done in accordance with the National Education Policy framed in 2010. Besides, the first public examination for primary students will be held from class-VIII as the government has elevated the primary level up to the 8th grade. “Primary students will now sit for the primary education completion examination at the end of class-VIII,” primary and mass education minister Mostafizur Rahman said on Tuesday. As per the existing system, class-V students ...

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