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Healthy way to enjoy a holy Eid


MNA Life Style Desk: Observing the end of the holy month of Ramadan, we celebrate Eid, a glorious occasion that is followed by rejoicing, giving of alms and a feast of various and delicious foods. Here are a few tips for a happy and healthy Eid: Before your Fajr prayers, make sure to eat something, like a few dates. After prayers, it is recommended to have something light such as milk or laban, preferably low fat or zero fat. A moderately light breakfast can follow. For example you can have whole grain breakfast cereals with low fat milk and a ...

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Anjan Dutt coming on TV in Eid

Anjan Dutt

MNA Entertainment Desk: Anjan Dutt will appear on TV for his fans in this Eid. A special celebrity talk show designed for him will be aired on the third day of Eid at 5.15pm on BanglaVision. The show is titled after Anjan Dutt’s hugely successful song “Bela Bos Tumi Parcho Ki Shunte”. Anjan will talk about his songs, cinema and many unrevealed facets of his life in the show. The show will be hosted by singer Mithila and has been produced by Sajjad. About the show Anjan has said that he liked the arrangement made by Bangla Vision particularly for ...

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Merchant not selling beef at DSCC fixed price


MNA Business Desk: Most of the beef shops in the capital city are selling beef at a higher price than the one fixed by the Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC). The rate goes over Tk 500 on holidays, while the traders predict the price would leap up to Tk 600 on the occasion of Eid. Earlier, the prices of beef, buffalo meat and mutton (goat and sheep) have been fixed at Tk 475, Tk 440, Tk 725 and Tk 620 respectively per kilogramme for nearly the whole of Ramadan. Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC), including Mayor Mohammad Sayeed Khokon, set ...

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Road accidents becoming common threat to life in Bangladesh


MNA Editorial Desk: Road accidents are becoming a more common tool of threat to life in Bangladesh. A total of 186 people were killed and 746 others were injured as some 127 incidents took place on road, rail and river ways across the country during the nine-day Eid holidays. Of them, 172 people died in road; 11 in waterway; and three in railway accidents in the country since July 1, said Bangladesh Jatri Kalyan Samity (BJKS) in its report. The BJKS road accident monitoring team says that 46 percent of motorcycles, 32 percent of buses, 18 percent of three-wheelers and ...

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DSE and CSE restarted downward after Eid


MNA Business Desk: Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) and Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) has restarted on Sunday downward as maximum of the stockholders were in selling mode, capturing share price fall in the days ahead. The price directories locked flat when the bourses saw small level of transactions by the cautious buyers. Stock market shut pre-Eid transaction on 30 June upward, upholding a sound rise for the fourth successive session. There were no share exchange at Dhaka and Chittagong stock exchanges in the past nine days as the market stayed locked for Eid-ul-Fitr. DSE initiated the post-Eid period with sharp fall ...

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BGMEA claimed all factories have paid Eid bonus


MNA Business Desk: Garment owners’ association BGMEA claimed that all, specifically 99.95% readymade garment factories have paid festival (Eid) bonus to their workers on the occasion of Eid-ul-Fitr while most factories without two or three paid wages for the month of June. “Ahead of Eid, 99.95% RMG owners have already paid festival bonus to their workers and most of the owners except two or three have paid wages for June,” said Md. Siddiqur Rahman, president of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA). He later claimed that 75% of the factories went into vacation and others would close by 4pm ...

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Sholakia Eid Gathering Bombing Kills at Least four


MNA National Desk: Grave news started this year’s Eid-ul-Fitr proceedings as bombing at Sholakia Eid gathering kills at least four. At least four people, including a woman and two policemen, were killed in a bomb attack near the country’s largest Eid congregation at Sholakia in Kishoreganj on Thursday. Law enforcement agency said they detained two in connection with the blast that also left 12 others, including seven policemen, wounded. Three of the deceased were identified as constables Ansarullah and Zahirul Haque and a woman named Jharna Rani Bhowmik. Police said the other killed in the blast, whose identity could not ...

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Celebrate Eid ul-Fitr with Muslims around the World


MNA Feature Desk: With hard followings of the teaching of the Islam, Ramadan is completed and it is time to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr with Muslims around the world. Millions of Bangladeshi Muslims begin to celebrate Eid ul-Fitr on Thursday, the festive celebration marking the end of Ramadan, which is the month of fasting and abstinence from worldly pleasures. The Eid, as it is affectionately called, starts when the new moon is sited or according to scientific calculations of when the moon will appear. Around the world, Muslims gather on the first day of Shawwal–the month following Ramadan on the Islamic calendar–for ...

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Ityadi ready to entertain audiences in this Eid


MNA Culture & Entertainment Desk: As it was in all the Eids of last quite a few years, Ityadi is ready to entertain the millions of audiences in this Eid. Audiences have already been informed about some of the unique segments of this year’s Eid special Ityadi. Apart from the special dance numbers, mini drama, invited and foreign guest segments – this Eid special Ityadi boasts with a lot of other attractions. The show starts with the national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam’s legendary Eid song ‘O Mon Romjaner Oi Rojar Seshe.’ As usual the song and the presentation are different ...

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Samina, Fahmida and Pancham together in eid musical program


MNA Culture & Entertainment Desk: Famous singers Samina Chowdhury, Fahmida Nabi and their brother Pancham will appear together in a special eid musical program ‘Musical Cafe’ anchored by audience-admired singer SI Tutul. In the appearance, together with the siblings, anchor of the show SI Tutul will be performing two songs. Media reported that the recording of the songs took place on June 27 in the drama studio of Bangladesh Television. Samina Chowdhury sang ‘Anurodh Kore Ar Ki Hobe’ and ‘Amay Dekona Ferano Jabena’, while her sister Fahmida Nabi sang ‘Amar Mon Bhalo Ney Bole’ and ‘Jai Ki Chera Buker Pajor’. ...

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The Importance of Sadaqatul Fitr for Muslims


MNA Feature Desk: The Importance of Sadaqatul Fitr is very high for the pious muslims. Fitr means to breakfast or to refrain from fasting. Hence the Eid after the fasts of Ramadan is called Eid ul Fitr, as it is the day of rejoicing after the completion of fasting. On this occasion of happiness, as a sign of gratitude one has to give a specific amount in alms, which is called Sadaqatul Fitr. To purify and obtain complete blessings for the fasts of Ramadan Mubarak one has to give Sadaqatul Fitr. It is reported from Hazrat Ibn Abbâs Radiallâhu anhu ...

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Salman Khan’s ‘Sultan’ releases 6 July


MNA Culture & Entertainment Desk: Salman Khan’s much anticipated sports-drama film ‘Sultan’ will release on July 6 on the occasion of Eid. Yash Raj Films made the release date announcement on Monday. Sultan movie release date, final release date of Salman Khan Sultan, Hindi movie sultan advance ticket booking online – bookmyshow.com, sultan release theaters list: Latest Bollywood movie Sultan is releasing all over the world on 6 July 2016. Yash Raj confirmed the final release date of the movie. Yes, it will be a 5-day opening weekend for Sultan (Wed, 6 July to Sun, 10 July). Get ready for ...

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RMG workers demand Eid bonus by June 26


MNA Editorial Desk: Issues related to bonus of RMG workers are occurring every year and this year, the RMG workers demand Eid bonus by June 26. The leaders of different labor organizations on Friday demanded payment of their salaries and Eid bonus by June 26 (20th Ramadan) as they gathered to raisee voice at a human-chain organized in front of the National Press Club on Monday. This call came from a human-chain, attended by leaders and members of Bangladesh Garments Industry Workers Federation, National Garments Workers Alliance and other labor leaders on Friday. They told that, the labors will not ...

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