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US Golan Heights decision “forerunner” for Israel-Palestine peace plan: Russia

Golan Heights

MNA International Desk: Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said the U.S. decision to recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the disputed Golan Heights may come as a forerunner of Washington’s “Deal of the Century” on the Israel-Palestine issue. “We are only beginning to get the reaction of the European Union that is somewhat shocked by what their NATO partners are doing with international law and directly in the region, as we have not yet started discussing the main surprise, ‘the Deal of the Century’ that Washington promises. Maybe this is a forerunner of the surprise in store for all of us,” ...

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UN, Israel, Syria agree to reopen Golan crossing point


MNA International Desk: The United States on Friday said the United Nations, Israel and Syria reached an agreement to reopen the Quneitra crossing in the Golan Heights on Monday. “The United States welcomes the re-opening of this crossing, which will allow UN peacekeepers to step up their efforts to prevent hostilities in the Golan Heights region,” US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said in a statement. The UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), with about 1,000 troops, was established in 1974 and monitors a ceasefire line separating Israeli-occupied parts of the Golan Heights from Syria. UNDOF resumed its patrols in ...

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US quits UN human rights body

Human Rights

MNA International Desk: The United States withdrew from a “hypocritical and self-serving” United Nations Human Rights Council on Tuesday over what it called chronic bias against Israel and a lack of reform, a move activists warned would make advancing human rights globally even more difficult. Standing with US secretary of state Mike Pompeo at the state department, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley slammed Russia, China, Cuba and Egypt for thwarting US efforts to reform the council. She also criticized countries which shared US values and encouraged Washington to remain, but “were unwilling to seriously challenge the status ...

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Israel strikes 35 targets in Gaza


MNA International Desk: Israel launched a massive airstrike on the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, hitting 35 targets and a cross-border tunnel, the latest in a back-and-forth exchange of fire after Palestinians launched mortars from Gaza into Israel, reported news agency. The Israeli military in a statement said the airstrike was in response to the barrage of 28 mortar shells that Gaza militants fired at Israel on Tuesday morning. The attack from Gaza caused no major damage except for a man who was slightly injured in the hand, it said. The airstrike was carried out by Israeli fighter jets and aircraft ...

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Israel, Iran Clash Over Nuclear Threat at Munich


MNA International Desk: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has claimed that Iran is just years away from having a nuclear bomb. Under pressure back home and facing possible corruption charges, Netanyahu took to the stage at the Munich Security Conference Sunday to deliver a warning about the security of the Middle East region, accusing Iran of posing an existential threat. “The nuclear agreement with Iran has brought the countdown, has begun the countdown to an Iranian nuclear arsenal in little more than a decade. And the sanctions relief that the deal provided has not moderated Iran. It’s not made them ...

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UNGA to meet on Jerusalem status

Islamic Jihad

MNA International Desk: The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) will hold a rare emergency special session on Thursday at the request of Arab and Muslim states on US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, sparking a warning from Washington that it will “take names.” Palestinian UN envoy Riyad Mansour said the General Assembly would vote on a draft resolution calling for Trump’s declaration to be withdrawn, which was vetoed by the United States in the 15-member UN Security Council on Monday. The remaining 14 Security Council members voted in favor of the Egyptian-drafted resolution, which did ...

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Two dead in ‘Day of Rage’ over Jerusalem


MNA International Desk: At least two people were killed in clashes with Israeli troops on Friday when thousands of Palestinians demonstrated against US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Across the Arab and Muslim worlds, thousands more protesters took to the streets on the Muslim holy day to express solidarity with the Palestinians and outrage at Trump’s reversal of decades of US policy. Israeli soldiers shot dead a Palestinian man near the Gaza border, the first confirmed death in two days of unrest. Scores of people were wounded on the “Day of Rage”. A second person later ...

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Israel must end illegal settlements: British PM

illegal settlements

MNA International Desk: British Prime Minister Theresa May raised concerns about illegal settlements on Thursday at a meeting with her Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu in London, May’s office said. “They discussed the need to overcome obstacles to peace, with the prime minister noting our grave concerns about illegal settlements,” a spokesman from May’s office said in a statement, reported news agency. “The prime ministers also discussed the fact settlements are not the only obstacle and that the people of Israel deserve to live free from the scourge of terrorism and anti-Semitic incitement.” The two leaders attended a dinner celebrating the ...

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Palestinian gunman killed 2 in Jerusalem shooting rampage

shooting rampage

MNA International Desk: Israeli authorities have arrested dozens of Palestinians after a shooting rampage in Jerusalem killed two people and wounded five others, police said Monday. The arrests after Sunday’s attack included 31 Palestinians seeking to participate in celebrations in memory of the assailant as well as members of his family in east Jerusalem, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan told army radio. Some 15 other Palestinians were arrested for throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at security forces in east Jerusalem, police spokeswoman Luba Samri said. The arrests come after Sunday’s attack in which a 39-year-old Palestinian went on a shooting ...

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Trump would recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital


MNA International Desk: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that if elected, the United States would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, reported news agency. While Israel calls it as capital, few other countries accept that, including the United States. Most nations maintain embassies in Tel Aviv. Palestinians want East-Jerusalem, captured by Israel in a 1967 war, as capital of the state they aim to establish alongside Israel in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Trump also said he agreed with Netanyahu that peace in the Middle East could only be achieved when “the ...

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BNP-Jamaat has connection with Israel


MNA National Desk: Prime minister Sheikh Hasina claimed that the BNP-Jamaat coalition has a connection with Israel in a conversation at St James Court-Taj Hotel in London on Tuesday. “The truth can never be suppressed…the BNP-Jamaat clique has joined hands with those who are frequently killing children and women in Palestine,” she alleged. The discussion was arranged by the UK chapter of Bangladesh Awami League on the occasion of homecoming day of Sheikh Hasina. Chaired by UK chapter AL president Sultan Mahmud Sharif, the discussion was also addressed by its general secretary Sajedur Rahman Khan. All European AL president Anil ...

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Travel ban slapped on BNP leader Aslam Chowdhury

MNA National Desk: A travel ban was slapped on BNP leader Aslam Chowdhury, alleging him for meeting with a leader of Israel’s ruling Likud Party Mendi N Safadi and Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad in India that made spark in home and abroad. Aslam was BNP’s joint secretary general after its last council, is the convener of the party’s Chittagong North unit, whoowns filling stations and is involved with the real estate and ship-breaking industries. Chittagong Metropolitan Police (CMP) Commissioner Iqbal Bahar said BNP leader Aslam Chowdhury has been barred from leaving the country and will be arrested the moment he ...

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