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Trump apologises to Kavanaugh, declares him ‘proven innocent’


MNA International Desk: US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh sought to put a bruising confirmation battle behind him on Monday at a White House ceremony in which President Donald Trump declared him innocent of sexual misconduct and apologized for the heated process. Kavanaugh, whose bid to join the top US court nearly failed after a California professor accused him of assaulting her when they were in high school, said he would enter his new job without bitterness despite a political fight that he told lawmakers had destroyed his family and his name, reported news agency. ‘The Senate confirmation process was ...

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Justice Sinha claims to be ‘exiled’ by govt


MNA Editorial Desk: Former Chief Justice Surendra Kumar Sinha said that he resigned in the face of intimidation and threats and was ‘exiled’ by the government. Justice Sinha made the claim in his book titled “A Broken Dream: Rule of Law, Human Rights and Democracy” which is available on Amazon. “I had the opportunity and honour to observe this transformation and the hindrances as a participant of the Bangladeshi judiciary since 1974 — rising from a practitioner at a lower court in the north-eastern district of Sylhet to the highest judicial position of the country, the Chief Justice of the ...

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Protection of human rights and access to justice


MNA Editorial Desk: Fundamental rights in the Constitution of Bangladesh, and the national human rights instruments acceded to by Bangladesh, deliver the normative outline for protection of human rights and access to justice for all people. The 1972 constitution of Bangladesh provided some rights to its citizens. These rights are called fundamental rights. There is another category of rights called human rights. The term ‘human rights’ does not mean any right used in special sense. Human rights are those legal and moral rights which can be claimed by any person for the very reason that he is a human being. ...

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