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From Ldc To Developing Country: Govt’s mega projects to change face of BD


MNA Editorial Desk: Bangladesh, with its continuous development since independence in 1971, is being considered among one of the most promising countries of South Asia. Through recently becoming eligible in all three criteria for graduating from Least Development Country (LDC) to developing country, the effort of the Bangladeshi government was recognized. The current government, under the valiant leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, has adopted several mega projects which are expected to change the face of Bangladesh within the next decade. These mega projects will definitely contribute in becoming a developing country by 2021 and developed country by 2041. Despite ...

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BD to enjoy LDC trade benefits for 9 years

trade benefits

MNA Business Desk: Even after formally being graduated from the Least Developed Country (LDC) category in 2024, Bangladesh will be able to enjoy the existing trade benefits for another three years or up to 2027. Thus the country is eligible to enjoy the current trade-related benefits, tariff-free market access to be precise, for next nine years from now on. Experts have already confirmed this in several deliberations in the different events on the occasion of celebrating the country’s eligibility to graduate from the LDC category to a developing one. Recently, United Nations (UN) formally disclosed that Bangladesh has fulfilled the ...

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From LDC To Developing Country: Challenges ahead of Bangladesh


MNA Editorial Desk: Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s birthday came in with a joyous declaration for the citizens of Bangladesh this year as it was declared that for the first time, Bangladesh has qualified in all three criteria set by the UN for graduation from ‘Least Developed Country’ (LDC) to ‘Developing Country’ status. Hence, the UN declared the country is eligible for graduation from LDC in 2024. For around a decade, all can feel that development has been given a lot of emphasis as the government under the valiant leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has initiated ...

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Bangladesh gets developing country status


MNA Business Desk: Bangladesh has termed it a historic day as it attained all three criteria for graduation from the least-developed country (LDC) group to developing one. “It’s a historic day for us. I am delighted to inform you that Bangladesh has fulfilled the criteria for graduation from the LDC category for the first time,” said Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the UN Ambassador Masud Bin Momen. Roland Mollerus, Chief, Secretariat of the Committee for Development Policy (CPD) handed over Ambassador Masud Bin Momen an official letter conveying this announcement. The UN Committee for Development Policy (CDP) determines the graduation ...

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