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Trump threatens Turkey with economic devastation


MNA International Desk: President Donald Trump threatened Turkey with economic devastation if it attacks a US-allied Kurdish militia in Syria, weakening the Turkish lira and prompting sharp criticism from Ankara on Monday. Relations between the two NATO allies have been strained over US backing for the Kurdish YPG, which Turkey views as an extension of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) that is waging a decades-long insurgency on Turkish soil. A diplomatic crisis last year, when Trump imposed sanctions on two of President Tayyip Erdogan’s ministers and raised tariffs on Turkish metal exports, helped push the Turkish lira to a ...

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UN, Israel, Syria agree to reopen Golan crossing point


MNA International Desk: The United States on Friday said the United Nations, Israel and Syria reached an agreement to reopen the Quneitra crossing in the Golan Heights on Monday. “The United States welcomes the re-opening of this crossing, which will allow UN peacekeepers to step up their efforts to prevent hostilities in the Golan Heights region,” US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said in a statement. The UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), with about 1,000 troops, was established in 1974 and monitors a ceasefire line separating Israeli-occupied parts of the Golan Heights from Syria. UNDOF resumed its patrols in ...

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Syrian Civil War: Humanity falls victim to global politics

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MNA Feature Desk: A series of guided air strikes conducted by a coalition of US, UK and French forces on Syria added a new dimension to the ongoing civil war after tensions boiled over between the US and Russia over the Syria crisis in recent weeks. As both the powers are not intending to back off from their plans, several new developments are in the headlines every day. For the last few years, it has become a common matter of the world citizens to start their day with few depressing pictures of war victims of Syria. Once a rich country ...

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Air strikes cripple Syria chemical weapons program: US

chemical weapons

MNA International Desk: Western powers said on Saturday their missile attacks struck at the heart of Syria’s chemical weapons program, but the restrained assault appeared unlikely to halt Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s progress in the 7-year-old civil war. The United States, France and Britain launched 105 missiles overnight in retaliation for a suspected poison gas attack in Syria a week ago, targeting what the Pentagon said were three chemical weapons facilities, including a research and development centre in Damascus’ Barzeh district and two installations near Homs. The bombing was the biggest intervention by Western countries against Assad and his superpower ...

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Rebel group vows to fight in Syria’s Ghouta


MNA International Desk: The largest rebel group in the besieged suburbs of the Syrian capital Damascus has vowed not to leave the area and to continue fighting advancing government forces. The Army of Islam was responding to some local reports that said it is negotiating with the Syrian government and its Russian backers to leave the area known as eastern Ghouta. Hamza Bayraqdar, the group’s chief military spokesman, said in a video statement posted online that “our revolutionary ideology does not allow us to sell the blood of the holy warriors who liberated Ghouta.” Bayraqdar says: “we will stay in ...

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Suu Kyi: In need of right direction for Myanmar


MNA Editorial Desk: Throughout the world, we find brutal pictures of communal violence for decades. Wars are going on at different parts of the earth with loads of hatred and ill feelings towards the people representing different communities, religion or ethnicity. The root cause of all wars being fought around the world is caused by either economic interest or communal difference. In recent times, we have seen Myanmar to get engaged in ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Rohingyas of its Rakhine state. Thousands of innocent men, women and children are being killed; women are getting raped; houses are being burnt and all ...

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Air strike kills 16 people on prison in Syria’s Idlib


MNA International Desk: At least 16 people were killed overnight in air strikes on a prison in the rebel-held city of Idlib in northwest Syria, reported news agency. It said the dead included prisoners and prison guards, but did not have an immediate breakdown of the toll. The strikes were believed to have been carried out by Russian warplanes, which have been flying sorties in support of President Bashar al-Assad’s government since Moscow began a military intervention in September 2015. Idlib city became the second provincial capital to fall from government control when it was captured in March 2015 by ...

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China, Russia veto UN resolution over Syria sanctions


MNA International Desk: Russia and China on Tuesday vetoed a Western-backed UN resolution that would have imposed sanctions on Syria over chemical weapons use; in the first clash at the Security Council since US President Donald Trump took office. The twin vetoes came as peace talks in Geneva showed no signs of progress on ending the nearly six-year war in Syria. It was the seventh time that Russia, Syria’s top military ally, has used its veto power to shield the Damascus regime. China has backed Moscow by using its veto six times on Syria. Russian President Vladimir Putin warned ahead ...

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The rise of conflict around the world in 2016


MNA Editorial Desk: In 2016, the world is facing the prospect of more strategic competition between strong nations with conflicting interests on the one hand, and an increase in fragility and disintegration of states on the other. When these two trends merge, as they have done in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, for example, conflicts become more likely to take on regional and global dimensions. Pulling together a list of the wars most in need of international attention and support in 2016 is challenging for all the wrong reasons. For 20 years after the end of the Cold War, deadly conflict ...

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Air attack killed 16 civilians in Raqa


MNA International Desk: US-led coalition air strike killed 16 civilians, including a child, overnight in a village near the Islamic State group’s Syrian stronghold of Raqa, reported news agency. “At least 16 civilians, including six women and a child, were killed in raids carried out overnight by the international coalition targeting areas in the village of Al-Heisha,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. The village is controlled by the Islamic State group and has been a target of a new assault by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces as it pushes to capture the jihadists’s Syrian bastion of Raqa. The ...

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Iraq launches operation to separate Syria from Mosul


MNA International Desk: Iraqi paramilitary forces launched an operation Saturday to cut the Islamic State group’s supply lines between its Mosul bastion and neighbouring Syria, opening a new front in the nearly two-week-old offensive. Forces from the Hashed al-Shaabi, a paramilitary umbrella organisation dominated by Iran-backed Shiite militias, have largely been on the sidelines since the launch of the operation to retake Mosul. But on Saturday, they began a push on the town of Tal Afar on the western approach to the city, the only side where ground forces, which have advanced from the north, east and south, are not ...

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At least 22 children killed in air raid on Syria school

22 children

MNA International Desk: At least 22 children and six teachers killed in air raid that hit a school in rebel-held Idlib province in northwest Syria, the UN children’s agency UNICEF said Wednesday. “This is a tragedy. It is an outrage. And if deliberate, it is a war crime,” said UNICEF director Anthony Lake. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said “warplanes—either Russia or Syrian—carried out six strikes” in the village of Hass, including on a school complex, killing at least 35 civilians including 11 schoolchildren. Lake said the school compound was “repeatedly attacked,” adding that it may be the deadliest ...

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Syria ceasefire should be ‘revitalized’: UN Envoy

Staffan de Mistura, the UN’s Syria envoy said on Thursday that he planned to hold another attempt of peace talks next month, but called for a stuttering ceasefire to be ‘revitalized’ before setting a date, as at least 20 civilians were killed in country’s second city Aleppo. He said the United States, which supports some rebel groups, and regime ally Russia needed to act, calling on them to organize a high-level Syria meeting before negotiations resume. He highlighted that all parties at the Geneva-based talks now recognised the need for a new transitional government in Syria that should be tasked ...

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Additional 250 U.S. military in Syria

U.S. will send an additional 250 military troops in Syria to help the Syrian forces against Islamic State; the new expansion will bring to 300 the number of US forces in non-combat roles in Syria. Obama discussed the Syria crisis with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Hannover on Sunday, the German leader had just returned from a trip to Turkey to see refugee camps along the border. They highlighted on the IS issue in their meeting with world leaders in Saudi Arabia, Great Britain and Germany. In a BBC interview, Obama said only military efforts cannot remove Syria’s “heart-breaking situation ...

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