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Force Myanmar to take back Rohingyas: UN chief urges India


MNA Exclusive Desk: UN secretary general Antonio Guterres urged India to pressure Myanmar for the safe and dignified return of Rohingyas to their homeland. Speaking up for Bangladesh, he said, “It was unacceptable that countries like Bangladesh have to accept a million refugees. Generosity is inversely proportional to richness, I think.” Guterres reserved some of his sharpest commentary for the Myanmar authorities. “I have never seen a community so discriminated in the world as the Rohingya.” He acknowledged reform of the UN Security Council is necessary but much as he would want it, he was powerless to do it alone, ...

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Suu Kyi meets UN chief on Rohingya issue


MNA International Desk: Aung San Suu Kyi faced rising global pressure Tuesday to solve the crisis for her nation’s displaced Rohingya Muslim minority, meeting the UN chief and America’s top diplomat in the Philippines. UN chief Antonio Guterres told the Nobel laureate that hundreds of thousands of displaced Muslims who had fled to Bangladesh should be allowed to return to their homes in Myanmar. “The Secretary-General highlighted that strengthened efforts to ensure humanitarian access, safe, dignified, voluntary and sustained returns, as well as true reconciliation between communities, would be essential,” a UN statement said, summarizing comments to Suu Kyi. Guterres’ ...

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Rohingya crisis: Need of education becomes most imperative


MNA Editorial Desk: Despite growing international concern and expression of sympathy, the Rohingya is fleeing to Bangladesh to escape military crackdown in Myanmar. Their number has already swelled to more than 500,000 in less than two months, and is rising by leaps and bounds everyday as the Myanmar army continues the ‘ethnic cleansing’ drive to push all the Rohingya Muslims from their country. Meanwhile, Bangladesh suffers the brunt of the military’s brutality in the Buddhist-majority Myanmar as the government of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has provided shelter for the refugees and piling up food and medical support for them with ...

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Last chance for Suu Kyi: UN Chief


MNA International Desk: Myanmar’s de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi has ‘a last chance’ to halt an army offensive that has forced hundreds of thousands of the mainly Muslim Rohingya to flee abroad, the UN head has said. Antonio Guterres told the BBC that unless she acted now, ‘the tragedy will be absolutely horrible’. The UN has warned the offensive could amount to ethnic cleansing. Myanmar says it is responding to last month’s deadly attacks by militants and denies it is targeting civilians. The military launched its operation after the attacks on police in the northern Rakhine state. The ...

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