TCB to start OMS of Ramadan commodities from 15 May

MNA Business Desk: The Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) is going to start open market sale (OMS) of essential commodities across the country from 15 May, ahead of the holy month of Ramadan.

“We will start the OMS activity across the country from 15 May for the convenience of people centering the holy month of Ramadan,” TCB Spokesperson M Humayun Kabir told news agency.

“A total of 185 trucks will be engaged to sell the essential commodities. Of them, 33 trucks will be in Dhaka, 10 trucks in Chittagong, five trucks each in other divisional cities and two trucks each in district towns,” he said.

He said the OMS activity would continue till the demand from dealers. A total of 2,811 dealers across the country would run the activity.

A consumer could buy highest 4kgs of sugar (local), 3kgs of lentil, 5 liters of soybean oil, 5kgs of gram and one kg of date from the OMS truck.

Each liter of soybean oil would be sold at Taka 85 while Taka 55 fixed for each kilogram of sugar, Taka 80 for each kilogram of lentil, Taka 70 for each kilogram of gram and Taka 120 for each kilogram of date.

TCB would allocate for daily sale 300-400kgs of sugar, 250-300kgs of lentil, 300-400kgs of gram, 20-30kgs of date and 300-400 liters of soybean oil to a truck.

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