Trump defends son over Russia ‘dirt’ emails

eldest son

MNA International Desk: Donald Trump defended his eldest son Wednesday over emails showing his embrace of Russian efforts to support the billionaire’s presidential campaign in a shock disclosure set to fuel speculation over Moscow’s suspected role in the vote.

The revelation puts the president’s son at the center of a burgeoning scandal involving multiple US investigations into whether Trump associates colluded with Moscow in its efforts to tilt the 2016 election in the Republican’s favor.

In a string of emails released on Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr was told he could get “very high level and sensitive information” that was “part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump.”

In response, the 39-year-old — who runs the family real estate business — wrote back saying: “if it’s what you say I love it”. He then held a meeting with a woman described in the emails as a “Russian government attorney.”

Trump Jr said he went along to see what it was about, reported news agency.

“For me this was opposition research, they had something, you know, maybe concrete evidence to all the stories I’d been hearing about,” he said.