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Trump’s move on Jerusalem: A rare case of unity in the Muslim world


Kaushik Ahmed

MNA Feature Desk: US President Donald Trump has played his ‘Trump card’ by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, an occupying state, on December 06, 2017. This declaration came out of the blues when the Muslim world is already fighting for its existence with so many mid-to-low scale wars have been going on around the world.

The Muslim world is divided in opinions based on their religious sects and resources. This is clearly evident for many years that the Muslim countries are not united and they have deep rooted differences which they are not ready to let go.

Few developed countries of the world including the United States are engaged in deriving benefits from such differences and feuding. But thankfully, it seems that Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has united the Muslim world at least for the time being in protest against the devilish decision of Trump though the consequences of that recognition in the world politics might be of much greater extent.

Donald Trump, a businessman by profession, became the President of the US in the last general election and took office early this year. It was anticipated that many madly decisions will come from him given his earlier comments and actions. After entering the White House, he has demonstrated arrogant, undiplomatic and irrational behaviour several times.

He has been criticized for his ties with Russia, for his position on several diplomatic issues including leaving the Climate deal and blocking the Obama Care health project etc. He made irritating speeches about North Korea, but thanks to good luck the world is still saved from a nuclear war at the behest of US President. But the devil’s workshop is operating in full swing in Trump’s brain and the recognition of the holy city Jerusalem as capital of Jewish Israel is just one example of it.

The US has been the broker of peace between Palestine and Israel. But Trump’s move has nullified any control or inclusion of the US in that process. Their diplomatic position of several decades has ended with that declaration. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin have differed with Trump in this move and according to some analysts Russia might be assigned the role of broker of peace between Israel and Palestine as it surely will move away from Washington.

Trump’s decision has received prompt reaction all over the world. Allies of the United States have protested this move. French President Emmanuel Macron expressed ‘disapproval’ of Trump’s decision, calling it ‘dangerous for peace’. So did the EU, UN and also the Pope Francis who pleaded for peace. They could not approve the move of ‘crazy’ Trump.

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has expressed “frustration” over the Trump decision during an under question. During an emergency meeting called on by the eight countries on Dec 08, the UN Security Council members widely condemned Donald Trump’s move that has led to fatal clashes across the occupied Palestinian territories of the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza. Representatives of all states have expressed their support to the two-state policy for Jerusalem maintaining the status quo except for Israel and the United States itself.

Protests have spread from Asia through the Middle East to the North Africa. There have been reports of clashes outside the US embassy in Beirut. In Bangladesh also, Islamic groups had planned to stage massive protest around the US embassy in Dhaka.

At a summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Turkey, the leaders of the Muslim world slammed Trump’s decision on Jerusalem and called for its rebuttal to save the world from savage bitterness and widespread violence. They reiterated their support for East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine and urged the world to recognize Palestine as a Free State.

The OIC leaders have urged the UN to end the Israeli occupation of Palestine. They have expressed their concerns over the reactions towards this decision and blamed the Trump administration in anticipation of any chaos.

Now, we must say that the Muslim world has united on disagreement over the Trump’s decision. For a long time, we have seen very fragile unity among the leaders of Islamic world over some issues. But this foolish declaration of the American President has actually brought them under the same umbrella. Though there is a strong enmity between Saudi Arabia and Iran, both have expressed their opinion in support of Palestine.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani had already expressed his commitment towards Palestine and also expressed their readiness to support Palestinian resistance. Presdient Erdogan of Turkey has taken a similar stance, though we, as always, expected the Saudi King to remain silent on the Jarusalem issue.

Along with other leaders of the Muslim world, Bangladesh President Abdul Hamid criticized the decision of Trump and supported the OIC leaders’ declaration of East Jerusalem as the capital of free Palestine.

Hassled with so many scandals and allegation, Donald Trump or his administration is not in comfort in their own country. We have seen so many changes in the Trump administration within a year in office and all of those were very unpleasant.

In that scenario, US President tries to pull of some stunts in regular interval. This move of Trump can be of that similar nature. Of course, he attained the focus of the whole world by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which is an occupying nation and does not actually exist on the map.

But everyone will surely agree with the fact that, he does not possess the intellect or intelligence to realize the after effects of such a decision. He will intrigue violence all over the world as mostly in the Middle East region irrespective of religion. He has brought questions over the role of the UN and its peace process and also the role of the US in that.

Though Trump’s move is outrageous, it is exciting to see the unity of the Muslim world in support of Palestine. The Muslim countries are suffering all around the globe due to lack of unity. The outsiders are taking advantages of their differences which should never be welcome.

The writer is the Associate Editor at Mohammadi News Agency (MNA).


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