Tureen Afroz

Tureen Afroz removed from ICT team

MNA National Desk: International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) Prosecutor Dr Tureen Afroz has been relieved of all activities of the tribunal for professional misconduct and breaching discipline and code of conduct.

ICT prosecution branch sent two letters signed by Chief Prosecutor Golf Arif Tipu to the Law Ministry on Tuesday and Wednesday in this regard.

Sources at the tribunal said the action has been taken against Dr Tureen Afroz for meeting war crimes accused Oahidul Haque, former Additional Inspector General of Police, secretly.

Now, the ministry will take necessary measures as it appoints the prosecutors, they said.

Another prosecutor Taposh Kranti Boul has been relieved of all activities of the war crimes case against Oahidul, reported news agency.


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